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This Stuff Matters with Tom Gray – Risk

We should all expect that there is a certain amount of risk in life?  Sure!  Every time we step out the door, we run the risk of harm. When we participate in a sport, we have to weigh the risk of injury. When investing in the stock market, risk is assessed to determine possible higher returns on the investment.

How much risk are you assuming in your SPIRITUAL life? Are you risking alienation from others to live a more spiritual life? Tom and John examine how massive rewards can be reaped when we are willing to assume the risk of living a spiritual, bold life!

This Stuff Matters with Tom Gray – Winning Is Not Quitting

Quitting is a final decision that has one outcome: Nothing.

Nothing changes, people don’t grow, stagnation sets in and whatever ambition you had at the beginning of your task, by quitting ambition is lost to apathy and what could have been never becomes.

By quitting you don’t allow yourself the opportunity to grow, develop, become a better person and live with a positive attitude when future challenges arrive.

This Stuff Matters with Tom Gray – Patience

We are in an age of instant gratification. Whatever we want from food to entertainment, gratification is at hand with the push of a button.

But what happens when forces beyond our control prevent us from instant gratification?Tom and John look at the virtue of patience and why it is an essential discipline we should all strive to cultivate.

This Stuff Matters with Tom Gray – Leading a life of Perseverance

Effort is always required to grow personally, physically, and yes even SPIRITUALLY.  Why is it important to “keep going” when it seems like life keeps handing you lemons?

To reach the goal!

Tom and John look at how we can improve ourselves and find the keys to building perseverance in your life!

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Tom offers up a prayer for those in the world who are scared and torn from war.

Join Tom Gray of “This Stuff Matters” to give thanks to God and to start your Sunday with prayer and reflection.