Ryan Floyd: Sr. Vice President – The Piedmont Bank

Coronavirus is making life difficult for many Georgians who need supplies, food and more.  Ryan Floyd, Senior VP of The Piedmont Bank joins Buck and Kincade to speak about the  bank’s efforts to assist the community.


Kyle Waide, President & CEO of Atlanta Community Food Bank

With the Covid-19 outbreak, Kyle Waide, President and CEO of the Atlanta Community Food Bank, has a lot on his plate(If you’ll pardon the pun!).
More than ever, the Atlanta Community Food Bank is being called upon to step up and serve those in the community who need help. In addition to the normal recipients of ACFB assistance, there’s a new group of folks who are recently victims of the economic downturn due to social distancing and closure of gathering places like restaurants, concert halls, lounges and so on.
Find out how the Food Bank is meeting the needs of Atlanta’s residents and how you can help!

Business of Sports: Bryan Schroeder – Exec. Dir. of The Giving Kitchen

Bryan Schroeder is a man with an interesting calling: He’s the Executive Director of The Giving Kitchen – A charity dedicated to helping restaurant workers affected by job loss, layoffs, downturns in the economy and more!
Bryan oind Buck and Kincade to explain how the organization helps those in the food service industry, how they go about their business and who it is they are working for. It’s an interesting charity with a much-overlooked mission: Serve those who serve us…FOOD!

Billy Linville of the GA Professional Sports Integrity Alliance

Sports betting is a HUGE revenue generator for the states that have legalized it, and Georgia is looking to  capitalize as well.  Today, Billy Linville of the Georgia Professional Sports Integrity Alliance joins Buck, Kincade and special guest Tug Cowart to discuss how it will help Georgia financially, the programs this gambling revenue will benefit, and the current status of Senate Bill 403 which will legalize sports betting. IThis is a “MUST LISTEN” edition of “The Business of Sports!”