How to get qualified to PUTT-FOR-A-PORSCHE:

Registration is FREE. Must be 21 or older to win. Must be a Georgia resident to enter and win.
You must attend one of the SIX (6) scheduled appearances list above and register to be a GRAND PRIZE ATTEMPT qualifier.
We will randomly draw TWO (2) GRAND PRIZE ATTEMPT qualifiers from all eligible entries from each of the FIVE (5) registration events.
At approximately 5:30pm on March 31st, the end of the sixth and final event, we will randomly draw SIX (6) GRAND PRIZE ATTEMPT qualifiers from those eligible attendees that have submitted an entry form on-site.
If any previous GRAND PRIZE ATTEMPT qualifiers fails to show up at the final by the time communicated; we will then draw a replacement GRAND PRIZE ATTEMPT qualifier(s) from those eligible attendees that have submitted an entry form on-site until we have a total of SIXTEEN (16) PUTT-FOR-A-PORSCHE contestants.

Next Appearance:

THE FINALE with Chuck & Chernoff
Thur. Mar. 31st – Roswell


Putt For a Porsche 2023 Event Schedule:

LAST CHANCE TO QULIFY! Friday, March 31st at the PGA Tour Superstore ROSWELL!

How the GRAND PRIZE ATTEMPT contest will run:

Starting SIX FEET (6’) from the hole; each contestant will get ONE (1) putt to sink their ball in the cup.
Each contestant that successfully makes their respective putt will advance to the next round.
For subsequent rounds we will move the putt back TWO FEET (2’) from the previous round where each remaining contestant will receive ONE (1) attempt.
We will continue with subsequent rounds until we have ONE (1) PUTT-FOR-A-PORSCHE contest qualifier.
How will the PUTT-FOR-A-PORSCHE contest run:
The ONE (1) PUTT-FOR-A-PORSCHE qualifier will have ONE (1) ATTEMPT from a to be determined to putt their ball through the “hole” on the to be determined target. A putt is considered any attempt whereby the contestant’s putter (club) makes contact with the contestant’s ball.

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