Tyler Matzek Discusses the New Season and Recovering from Tommy John with Chris Dimino

Atlanta Braves pitcher Tyler Matzek warms up during spring training in North Port, Fla., Monday, Feb. 19, 2024. (AP Photo/Gerald Herbert)

Atlanta Braves pitcher Tyler Matzek (68) is photographed at the CoolToday Park during spring training Thursday March 17, 2022, in North Port, Fla. (AP Photo/Steve Helber)

It was a normal offseason anyway, that’s kind of what they wanted. In the whole the whole process, the long the long term plan with the rehab they wanted me to have an off time couple of weeks to recover and then get right back into it like a normal like a normal offseason. So yeah, it was pretty normal. Just a little extra rehab on the elbow, a little extra PT and attention but you know, feeling good feeling healthy feeling ready to go. I don’t even know when you’re you. How do you know when you’re good to go? Like what’s the mentally as much as physically? Is there a day you wake up and you’re like, okay, I’m good. Oh, even Yeah.

When I’m on the mound, I’m putting in a certain amount of effort and I’m getting the Velo or the numbers out of what I’m expecting. That means we’re really close. And yeah, so that’s happening right now. It feels really good. You know, I’m not overthrowing to get, you know, lower numbers. I’m actually like, really pleased with where they’re at right now. And, you know, that’s kind of like the internal signal for me as a player like, okay, that’s we’re in a good spot. I was the last time you actually prove what would be like BP


ATLANTA – Atlanta Braves LHP Tyler Matzek sat down for a chat with 680 The Fan’s Chris Dimino at Spring Training in North Port.

Matzek is recovering from Tommy John surgery and is expected to return to the rotation this year. How has the journey to recovery been for Tyler and what challenges is he facing this year that he hasn’t in the past? He an Dimino dive into it!

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