Jeff Francoeur on the Start of Braves Spring Training

Braves have pitchers and catchers reporting this week. Jeff, your thoughts on what that means, what’s the actual work that gets done, and then the transition when everybody shows up when they get ready for that first game against the rays on the 24th? 

Well, I’ll tell you this. The first two weeks, everybody’s sharpening their golf game up every day after practice. I know that that’s the most important part of the first two weeks of spring training. And then after that…but I look, I love this team, man. I like the make-up. And you know what? You might have caught lightning in a bottle with Chris Sale and the fact that you know, if he’s got a couple years left in that tank and he wants to prove people wrong man, you might. You might get a couple of really good years out of him.  
So as I’ve continuously said, look, this team’s got the team to win the World Series. Pitching’s got to be healthy going to the postseason, so that that’s going to be the number one priority for me if I’m the Braves, is making sure that they’re healthy, going into the postseason. 

ATLANTA – Former Braves outfielder Jeff Francoeur joins The Locker Room to discuss the start of Braves Spring Training, what we should expect in the 2024 season, and on a football note, Kyle Shanahan’s mind-boggling Super Bowl decision!

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