Get to Know the Atlanta Falcon’s Newest Head Coach Raheem Morris

Atlanta Falcons president, Greg Beadles, left, head coach Raheem Morris, center, and general manager Terry Fontenot, right, pose after an NFL football news conference, Monday, Feb. 5, 2024, in Atlanta. (AP Photo/Brynn Anderson)

ATLANTA – It’s a new day in the ATL for the Dirty Birds! This week, Raheem Morris was named as the Atlanta Falcons 19th head coach. As he prepares to start the 2024 season, he lets the fans know what he expects of the Falcons this year, his plans for the draft, and what it’s like to return to Atlanta.


The reason we’re here, it’s going to be a winning culture and we’re here to win, win, win football games. At the end of the year, there is only one team that’s happy and Terry mentioned it, but I’ve only been in that position twice in my career and I can’t wait to go back there again and I can’t wait to do it with you. I’m just fortunate to be sitting here in front of you. But to tell Falcons fans that we’re going to go out there and do because of our football character being accountable, being disciplined, being coachable, being dependent.” 

FILE – In this Aug. 19, 2019, file photo, Atlanta Falcons then-assistant head coach/passing game coordinator Raheem Morris watches from the sideline during the first half of a preseason NFL football game against the Jacksonville Jaguars, in Jacksonville, Fla. (AP Photo/Phelan M. Ebenhack, File)

I think those are the things that’s got to get us going in the right direction. I don’t think we can really focus on who was in the process, what you were doing in the process. It’s just like going to play a game right when you go play those games, it it really doesn’t matter who’s across those lines. It’s our job to go out there and get wins. And that was my job and this whole process is how I looked at it, right being your best self being the best version of yourself.

And that’s all it can be. Every single day when you get a chance to go back home in this process.

And it is extremely important and it is extremely critical to everybody involved, and that is a special moment, not just for me, but for my family, for everybody involved, for the media members that I see around that I know I can feel the excitement through my texts. I can feel the excitement through the phone calls. This has been a process for me that has been outstanding.

And so much fun. I can express the joy that I have right now to be able to come back and work with the blanks. This is certainly the best thing in the world. And Robinson.

From my head and my experience made a lot of sense. I was around the young cow Shanahan and I saw him really develop and grow into this great play caller that we know that’s planned next week. I was around Sean McVeigh when he was young, really young, and I watched him grow and develop it to this great player that we know play color that we know. And I see him in the same light, right. I see him grow and I see him develop and I see him bringing his timing and rhythm and his balance to our office that we can have.

And go out here and play and whatever it looks like, it’s gonna be fast. It’s gonna be with based on those pills that we talked about earlier. And those are the things that really lit me up and made me ecstatic to have an opportunity to bring a guy like Zach Robinson the part of this. When you get those guys that are elite processors, when you get those guys that are decision makers, when you get those guys that can just cut it loose and play ball.

Law and also play with those great fundamental techniques that we talked about the base to balance the short hitches in the pocket. Some of those things it it makes you excited to go out there and find those things right and sometimes not easy to see right. Obviously, you got to look at some college tapes. Sometimes you can see a little bit more for you to see tape. Sometimes you can visualize that thing how you can treat but you got all those windows out there. You got all those avenues. But I got a lot of confidence in the people are going to be able to help me.

Finding our next quarterback to move forward every single year, you’re competing for a, you know, and the clear-cut goal for us is obviously to win the South and if you can win the South, you can qualify to get into the playoffs. And if you can get to the playoffs, anything can happen. So you want to go out there and try to get yourself into those that mindset because, like Terry mentioned.”

It’s definitely a mentality for us every reality and that’s got to be the focus of all of us.