For The Hawks: Stop with the doom and gloom! – BY DAN MATHEWS

 Bogdan Bogdanovic, Atlanta Hawks, Eastern Conference finals, Atlanta Hawks, Trae Young, 680 the fan
Atlanta Hawks’ Bogdan Bogdanovic reacts after scoring during the second half against the Milwaukee Bucks in Game 4 of the NBA basketball Eastern Conference finals Tuesday, June 29, 2021, in Atlanta. (AP Photo/Brynn Anderson)

June 30th, 2021
680 THE FAN, ATLANTA – The Hawks are potentially two wins away from a trip to the NBA Finals. Is that something we thought we’d say in 2021?

The Hawks overcame the odds and brought their Eastern Conference Finals series to 2-2 with the Milwaukee Bucks. The 110-88 final is not one that most of us saw coming, without Trae Young being on this floor.

atlanta hawks, lou williams, 680 the fan
Atlanta Hawks’ Lou Williams (6) keeps the ball away from Milwaukee Bucks’ Jrue Holiday (21) during the first half of Game 4 of the NBA basketball Eastern Conference finals Tuesday, June 29, 2021, in Atlanta. (AP Photo/Brynn Anderson)

But you know what? Shame on us who doubted this team.

I said it back before the playoffs started, that this season was a huge success. You went from being an injury riddled team, that was coming up short of expectations and eventually had to fire your head coach. Even getting to the playoffs was a huge feat.

As the stage has gotten larger for this team, they’ve seemed to respond. Most of the expects picked them to lose to the New York Knicks and… They didn’t. The same was said inter series with the Sixers and they won. Now, they have the chance to do it all again. Why doubt them now?

atlanta hawks, 680 the fan, nba playoffs
Atlanta Hawks fans react as guard Cam Reddish forces Milwaukee Bucks forward Khris Middleton to lose the ball out of bounds but maintain the possession during the second quarter of Game 4 of the Eastern Conference finals in the NBA basketball playoffs Tuesday, June 29, 2021, in Atlanta. (Curtis Compton/ AP Sports)

As for the doom and gloom? Save it with the “same old Atlanta sports” talk. This group isn’t the same, old Atlanta team. They’re special. They’re building something special.

This is a team who when the moment gets the largest, seems to step up and succeed. How many Atlanta teams have we seen come up short in those spots?

We already knew how good Trae Young is on the floor. Honestly? He’s probably made even more people in this town believers in his game.

I hope we get to see him again in these conference finals. Because, they need him to reach their goal.

When I was younger, my brother would tell me to “act like I belonged,” when I was trying to fit in with a team or make said roster. I never really understood what that meant. The beauty with age, is that you can understand advice like that a little better.

The Hawks are overall still a very young team. But wow do they act like they belong.

I hope they continue this magic run. Because honestly, it’s fun to have people feeling this excited about sports in this town again.

Dan Mathews
Chuck Oliver Show – Anchor/Fill-In Host 
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