Rush Propst: Valdosta HS has only themselves to blame

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Content is available under Creative Commons Attribution.

Feb. 25, 2021 –
Valdosta High School’s ruling body decided to chase wins over integrity, when they hired Rush Propst. This isn’t conjecture, it’s really fact. 

There is no denying that Rush Propst as a football coach, is as good as they come for on-field success. He won state titles in Alabama at Hoover and then two GHSA championships with Colquitt County. He’s sent countless players and even assistant coaches to major FBS programs. 

The problem is, that seems to be the only endearing quality about the man. He resigned from Hoover, mostly stemming from engaging in a relationship outside of his marriage and having a child from that extramarital affair. His on-field success would not be able to cover for the bad perception he’d brought on the Buccaneers football program. 

Propst then seemed to have a shot at redemption and a new chance at Colquitt County HS, down in Moultrie. He won titles in 2014 and 2015. That was the good part. But then there was the time he was caught on camera appearing to head butt a player in anger. He was initially suspended for the entire 2016 season, appealed and was soon given a reprimand by the GHSA. He would be dismissed by the school district in 2019 for violating Code of Ethics for Educators. Amongst the issues the school board had were giving pills to athletes on numerous occasions and a huge state and federal tax bill. 

Now at Valdosta, he’s being accused of trying to secure funds from the booster club to cover rent for transfer players and even using money for personal use from said club. This is now being alleged in a sworn deposition by the former president of this booster club. One of the players he tried to get rent payments for, was California transfer quarterback Jake Garcia. He played one game for Valdosta, soon ruled ineligible by the GHSA and eventually ended up at Grayson. Garcia is now enrolled at Miami (Fla.). Propst is under Investigation by Valdosta’s Superintendent. 

All of this boils down to one question… Why was Propst worth it? 

Valdosta has way too proud of a tradition to be desperate in chasing wins on the football field. This is nothing short of an embarrassment for this program. 

This program had numerous warnings to know that Propst was at best a risky hire. There are plenty of good coaches within a two hour or even closer drive of the area who could have satisfied two goals, win and do it with integrity. 

Dan Mathews

Chuck Oliver Show – Anchor/Fill-In Host 
WCNN-AM 680 The Fan, also on FM at 93.7

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