A New Draft Strategy, For Certain NFL Teams

Quarterback Justin Herbert works out during Oregon football pro day in Eugene, Ore., Thursday, March 12, 2020. (AP Photo/Collin Andrew)

680 THE FAN, ATLANTA – We ARE emerging from this, there WILL be games again. And I believe some NFL teams are getting ready to show their draft strategy cards based around this once-in-our-lifetime challenge.

Keep your eyes peeled, we’re about to see a small number of franchises tip their hands and start trading draft picks for this year, at sliiiiiiightly below normal market value, for either an established veteran player or draft assets in 2021 and beyond.

Right now there are some GMs who think the normal Dart Throw Factor is about 5% – 8% for most prospects. Do your best, scour his dossier, sometimes Charles Rodgers just likes getting his ass high more than he likes getting game checks. It happens. Those same GMs and personnel guys are also saying that the dynamic of almost no in-person workouts, except for the few Pro Days that happened to occur before, they are saying the DTF this draft is 35% or such. Just rough numbers, just to illustrate.

And that’s the reason some front office dudes and ladies around the league (*some*) have decided to take Ross’ advice and pivot. Instead of being forced to make picks in this draft, all with a highly inflated DTF, it’s “I’ll take more picks, numbers-wise, that I can make with far more knowledge in 13 months.”

If that’s really what some GMs believe than we’re going to see draft picks on sale . . . slightly . . . over the next four weeks. I’ll jump, if I’m TD and Bro, I’ll take the value here v the panic or mistrust of my scouts or in the case of Tua a very real attitude of just cant take him that high etc, I’ll accept I have to pass on a very few prospects, otherwise I’m 100% in on taking the blue sky here.

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