For players with real professional hopes, college football IS the NFL to them.

Trey Sermon rushed for 2,076 yards and 22 touchdowns in three seasons at Oklahoma. (AP Photo/Sue Ogrocki)

680 THE FAN, ATLANTA – Oklahoma’s Trey Sermon is transferring to Ohio State. He’s played three seasons for OU and to this point his two biggest failings are:

  • Getting injured
  • Possibly not being as great as Kennedy Brooks

That’s about it, but it’s enough for him to look for a new place to play. And speaking of his new home . . .

When the Sooners won in C-Bus in 2017 and Baker Mayfield planted the flag, that game where Buckeyes fans wanted to burn down Norman? Sermon was the Sooners’ leading rusher that night, caught three passes and scored a touchdown. He’s a Buckeye now and aint one person in Scarlett and Grey care at all.

You make the best deal for YOU. And fans are exactly like pro fans, in many respects. “You used to play for our rival? Don’t care. You’re OUR’S now!”

We’ve had Justin Boren go from Michigan to Ohio State, Corey Grant go Bama to Auburn. A 3rd-string running back transferring anywhere from Oklahoma? Even if it were Texas or Oklahoma State it would be just a curiosity at this point.

Think about how absurd that statement is. An OU player transferring to Texas? Folks, I’m not talking fan bases. I’m talking STATES. There’s dislike twixt those people and even Sermon going to UT wouldn’t cause more than a, “DAAAAANG, he trasnferr . . . hey, Jeopardy’s on.” And then you move about your day.

This is the same as, “I played for the Redskins, I’m signing with the Cowboys.” Just isn’t a thing, not to the actual players.

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