FILE – Georgia quarterback Jake Fromm (11) scrambles against Vanderbilt in the first half of an NCAA college football game Saturday, Oct. 7, 2017, in Nashville, Tenn. (FILE – AP Photo/Mark Humphrey)

ATLANTA, Ga – Almost time for Jake Fromm to make the big decision. By now, he’s got the NFL Draft grade. The deadline to declare is coming up in two weeks. And Coach Smart needs to know.

In fact, almost everyone I bump into wants to know.

Let me start with this: I totally respect how Jake has handled the situation. He was “All-In” on the Bulldogs season, through the bowl game. Not many guys can say that these days. He was loyal and dedicated. Focused on winning! I thank him for that.

Now is the time for Jake to take a serious look at what’s best for Jake Fromm. One of the most important factors is his draft grade.

Best I can tell, Jake enters the 2020 NFL Draft process looking like he’s the 5th or 6th quarterback on the board. That probably translates to him being a 3rd round selection. Join me as I say: “Jake can do better than that.”

So, I sure hope Coach Smart is selling him hard on coming back for his senior season! That’s right, the last thing the Bulldog Nation wants is for Jake Fromm to NOT know how important he is to the program right now.

With Fromm at QB, Georgia appears to be a legit playoff caliber team in 2020. Without Jake, it’s a real stretch to see the Bulldogs making it to the playoffs. The Bulldogs need Jake Fromm back.

Coach Smart should be calling him every day right now, telling him how important he is! Remind him about the addition of the big tight end Darnell Washington. Get George Pickens to call and ask him to come back. Maybe text Jake a quick hype video of these new Bulldog receivers that are coming to Athens or maybe drop an email with a postgame synopsis on how well Cade Mays & Jamaree Salyer played on the O-Line. Sell it!

Sell Jake on staying for his senior season. Heck, I’d jump in the car to go help Kirby sell him on staying.

Could Jake benefit from returning? I’d say, yes. Just check Joe Burrow’s path. Fromm could certainly improve his draft stock. It makes sense to me for him to return and play 12-15 big-time football games next season. Go pro and he’s watching someone else play the game. That’s a lot to give up.

I don’t often tell people what they should do, but this time I’ll play along. Jake needs to come back and improve his brand. Return and chase down what’s left to accomplish: another SEC Championship and trip to the College Football Playoffs.

Come on back to Athens, Jake. Maybe win the big one and improve your draft stock.

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