FILE – Georgia quarterback Jake Fromm (11) scrambles against Vanderbilt. (FILE – AP Photo/Mark Humphrey)

Atlanta, Ga – It’s officially Georgia-Georgia Tech week, so check your feelings at the door. You’ve got to be tough this time of the football season.

The Bulldogs won a tough game against Texas A&M on Saturday, on a rainy day in Georgia. Postgame, the talk was how Jake Fromm “struggled.” It was all about the grip. Or rather, the lack thereof.

Throwing a wet football accurately is not an easy thing to do. So, Jake gave the glove a try. Several times, in fact. It was glove on, glove off. Then, glove back on and glove back off. He never could get comfortable with his grip on the ball.

The result: a 3rd straight game with under a 50% accuracy rate & two big-play, TD opportunities missed to Herrien & Pickens. Both misses were overthrows.  Hit those two passes and its game over the way the Georgia defense is playing.

May I point out a positive? In this same 3-game time span, Fromm has 6 TD’s and 0 interceptions. Sure, Jake has missed some shots downfield this season, but he hasn’t forgotten how to spin it. Promise. He just won’t go down as one of the greatest “mudders” in UGA history.

I don’t see a lot of open receivers running around this season, against all that press man they are facing. Not much separation. It is encouraging to see George Pickens improving, however. His TD catch showed off a clean release, which he didn’t have in his arsenal earlier this season.

Another big factor for Fromm’s numbers going down the last 3 games is Lawrence Cager has been a non-factor, as he attempts to fight off his shoulder injury. Cager is Jake’s “Go to Guy.” The offense seems to elevate when he’s in the game. (Need to get him ready for LSU).

No, Coach Smart doesn’t need to play the back-up. It’s just been a tough stretch statistically. Jake is still helping the Bulldogs win games. Did you see those back shoulder throws he made later in the A&M game? Jake is okay.

Basically, if you are concerned about Jake Fromm…relax. No rain in the forecast this coming weekend. And certainly, not in MBS next week. Jake’s grip will be ok. The key is Cager.


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