Georgia tailback D’Andre Swift (7) celebrates his second touchdown run against Kentucky with quarterback Jake Fromm, right, and teammates during the fourth quarter of an NCAA college football game Saturday, Oct. 19, 2019, in Athens, Ga. (Curtis Compton/Atlanta Journal Constitution via AP)

ATLANTA, Ga – D’Andre Swift is expecting to finish this season on the up-and-up. Have one of those big finishes. Blow it up late. Put up some big numbers!
Otherwise, its going to end up looking ordinary.
Right now, Swift is just inside the Top 20 nationally, with 1,027 yards rushing. Remember now, D’Andre came into this season as a legit Heisman candidate/All-American type performer. Currently, he is #69 in TD’s & #32 in yards per carry.
Texas A&M’s run defense is below average, so he could light them up Saturday. Same goes for Georgia Tech. LSU’s defense isn’t exactly stuffing the run either. So, in these last 3 games, Swift could lay the hammer down and pad those numbers.
And with a big finish, D’Andre would head to the College Football Playoffs, as a Top 10 back nationally and the premier RB in the SEC. What’s a big finish? I’d say 450 yards & 7 TDs. Go for 175 & 3 TDs against A&M. Run for 150 & 2 TD’s against Tech & LSU. That appears doable.
I’ll give him a B+ grade, currently. Obviously, opposing defenses are ganging up on the run and focusing on slowing Swift down. The ‘Dogs receivers aren’t scaring anyone into playing coverage and leaving the box open for Swift to run it. He’s earning every yard, but there just hasn’t been a lot of big explosion runs. I miss seeing those highlight reel runs.
NFL personnel dudes look at Swift as the 1st back off the board in the 2020 Draft. Maybe the only 1st round pick for the RB position. He’s got street cred in the NFL, especially with Chubb, Michel and Gurley tearing it up.
Swift needs to go out in style at Georgia. OC James Coley should be planning on riding this racehorse down the home stretch. Get the man the ball. It’s not heavy. I’m expecting to see D’Andre at his best from here to the finish line.

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