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Clyde Edwards-Helaire and the LSU Tigers beat Alabama on Saturday in Tuscaloosa, Ala. (Vasha Hunt/AP Photo)

ATLANTA, Ga – Jon has been going on 680 The Fan Radio with Nick Cellini on Thursday mornings at 11:30 AM and then Friday evenings with Chuck and Chernoff all football season long during your end of day commute. It’s been a pleasure to review and break down the weekend’s football betting action from around college and pro football with Jon Price.

Handicapper Jon Price joins Cellini & Dimino Every Thursday and Chuck and Chernoff Every Friday night on 680 The Fan!

This past week he made his biggest call in maybe his entire career as he went on the air and put his and his company’s entire reputation on the line as he promised that LSU would not only cover the 5 point spread against the Alabama Crimson Tide, but they would win outright on the road in Tuscaloosa. To give some relevant context to the pick, everyone from the national media and talking heads were loading up on Alabama to win, as LSU had not beaten Alabama in over 8 years and has dominated the rivalry over the last century. Nick Saban puts out championship team after championship team and it’s no wonder why the vast majority of the betting public and the so called “experts” thought Alabama would have another easy win last Saturday. But in the face of all of that, Jon went on the air and said he’d wager the reputation of his company that LSU will win impressively in Alabama, and that’s exactly what they did. Alabama was fighting from behind the entire game, and LSU’s lead was never really in doubt.

Over the last 20 years Jon Price and his Sports Information Traders betting analsysts has built his name and reputation as being one of the greatest sports bettors and handicappers to ever place a bet. He’s made national headlines multiple times with major wagers such as his MLB Futures wager on the Kansas City Royals to win the World Series before the season even began. A $20k wager that won him over $150k in return for his prediction when oddsmakers turned an eye at the wager. He’s also made more than a few multimillion dollar wagers on Super Bowls over the years and won. Making big and bold predictions isn’t something Jon Price is new to, but this past week was arguably his boldest prediction of them all that made listeners and clients money on the contrarian side.

This wasn’t his first bold prediction of the season, and he’s no stranger to making bold prediction on national radio, but this was probably his biggest. He’s been on 680 The Fan Radio giving out big picks all year long. The last 3 weeks alone have been some of his biggest winning predictions as the regular College Football season begins to wind down, he had his massive Vegas oddsmakers mistake where he gave out Western Kentucky +5 points vs. Marshall which was a huge winner. Most of 680 The Fan listeners that bet on sports cashed in big on that game, and then he followed it up with his even bigger LSU over Alabama prediction with an outright win.

In the world of sports betting, it doesn’t get much bigger and better than that, but it’s nothing new to Jon Price who founded Sports Information Traders almost 20 years ago and has built it to be one of the juggernauts in the sports betting industry. He’s built his name and his company’s reputation on consistency and winning over the years and has shown no signs of slowing down. If you’re looking to join a reputable sports betting source with a proven, and documented history of success, Jon Price and his team at Sports Information Traders is one to keep an eye on with bold predictions each and every week of the football season right here on 680 The Fan sports radio.

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