Betting Expert Jon Price Picks LSU To Win Outright

ATLANTA, Ga – Each Friday of the College Football season at 1:40 eastern time you can tune in to hear Chuck Oliver live on air with sports betting expert Jon Price. Price the CEO of Sports Information Traders is one of the most recognized and well-known sports handicappers in the world today and it’s been a pleasure to have him on board reviewing and giving out college football and NFL betting picks this year here on the syndicated Southern Sports Show Today. He’s made a number of big headline grabbing wagers over the years like a few million dollar Super Bowl wagers and an MLB futures wager on the Kansas City Royals to win the World Series before the season even began. Making big calls is what Jon does and he’s no stranger to success as he’s been doing this for over 20 years on the national stage and has been practically featured in more publications than Oprah. From Forbes to Yahoo Sports, the Huffington post, Gambling911, ESPN Radio, and the man even has his own Wikipedia page… With as much clout and respect as Jon has around the sports handicapping circles, when he says something it’s wise to listen.

On Chuck Oliver’s Southern Sports Show last week, Jon went on to make one of his boldest predictions to date. He picked the LSU Tigers to beat the Alabama Crimson Tide outright in Alabama. To give some context to his big prediction, LSU had not beaten Alabama in just over 8 years. Every talking head in the country was loading up on Alabama to make it 9 consecutive years beating LSU, but Jon saw the tide had turned. He went on to Chuck Oliver’s show and didn’t just say LSU would cover the 5 point spread, he said he’d put the entire reputation of his company and himself on the line and promised that LSU would win the game outright. It was one of Jon’s strongest convictions in a pick in years. Never would any handicapper risk their entire company’s reputation on a single pick, and not just any pick, but LSU vs Alabama, a rivalry dating back a century and one that has been very lopsided in Alabama’s favor over the decades.

This major winning prediction from Jon on national radio wasn’t a rare occurrence either. He’s been on the air this season with Chuck Oliver giving out big picks all year long. The last 3 weeks alone have been some of his biggest winning predictions as the College Football regular season begins to wind down, he had his massive Vegas oddsmakers mistake where he gave out Western Kentucky +5 points vs. Marshall which was a huge winner. Most of Chuck Oliver’s listeners that bet on sports cashed in big on that game, and then he followed it up with his even bigger LSU over Alabama prediction with an outright win.

You don’t get to the level Jon Price is at without going all in on picks you believe in. Putting his reputation on the line on national radio was a huge, gutsy call and one that paid off, but this isn’t anything new to Jon. For over a decade now his sports handicapping service, Sports Information Traders has been built to be one of the biggest powerhouses in all of the sports betting world. Jon’s picks are wagered on by thousands of people each and every week of the year and it’s been said that tens of millions of dollars are wagered on his picks weekly. He’s no stranger to success and he’s been featured on nationally syndicated radio programs across the country for the better part of the last 10 years. If you’re looking to join a reputable sports betting source with a proven and documented history of success, Jon Price and his team at Sports Information Traders is one to keep an eye on with bold predictions each and every week of the football season.

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