Jake Fromm is the most indispensable player in college football…NEXT season.

FILE – Georgia quarterback Jake Fromm (11) scrambles against Vanderbilt in the first half of an NCAA college football game Saturday, Oct. 7, 201. (FILE – AP Photo/Mark Humphrey)

ATLANTA, Ga – The root of that statement is, “Even if Georgia misses the playoffs this season, I’ve got great news for Dog fans going forward: you’re not finished getting better yet.”

Check the 2-deep and you’ll see that, yes, with one more full class of elite hombres and then Kirby will have reached the final goal in roster building: recruit at a consistent elite level so that you begin a spring practice with blue chips pushing blue chips at every spot on the depth chart.

So *NEXT* season will be the first time Kirby starts a spring with literally every player on the field one of his elite level recruits. And it all is undone if Jake Fromm is in Indianapolis running and jumping and getting weighed.

Dwan Mathis would almost certainly have to be the guy, ya know, of the TWO scholarship quarterbacks on the roster right now not named Jake Fromm. So either you start mathis, who was not a short-list recruit, if that means anything, you start whatever stud true fr you sign or you bring in a hired gun, hit the transfer portal for a one-year plug and play. Teams have won titles like that, if you have Hurts or Lawrence, but it’s certainly not how it’s done most often.

If you’re Kirby Smart you want way more of what’s proven than hey let’s be a trailblazer.

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