Why Andruw Jones should be elected to the National Baseball Hall of Fame next year

Atlanta Braves’ Andruw Jones hits a solo homer off Los Angeles Dodgers starter Odalis Perez in the fifth inning Wednesday, Aug. 17, 2005 in Atlanta. It was Jones’ 38th homer of the season. (AP Photo/John Bazemore)

…and why he wasn’t this year!

By MATT WEITZ (680 The Fan)
ATLANTA – Andruw Jones retired in 2012 after a long career.  2017 was his first year eligible for enshrinement in Cooperstown but after three years of eligibility, voters have yet to give the younger member of the “Jones Brothers” the credit that he deserves.  Chipper Jones, the other member of the “Jones Brothers” slogan on billboards throughout Atlanta was inducted into the National Baseball Hall of Fame.  He was inducted last year in his first year of eligibility.  The question looms large, when will Andruw finally get the credit he deserves?

His ability to make phenomenal diving plays in center field and make them look easy is on par with players like Willie Mays.  However, his offensive numbers were inconsistent.  Some seasons, he was a good hitter at the plate, but sometimes he struggled.

However, the most glaring argument on why he isn’t in the Hall of Fame yet is one that was not even in his control.  As Andruw approached his 30th birthday, he began to suffer from serious injuries.  This reduced the amount of time that he was able to be as successful as he was.  Though he played through many of those years, he was never the same.

Most hall of famers who get in during their first year of eligibility excel at what they do for fifteen to twenty years.  Due to Andruw Jones’ consistent injury problems late in his career, he was unable to maintain this ability.

Though he has been denied entry into Cooperstown for the first three years of his eligibility, even injuries should not keep Andruw Jones out for long.  2020 should be the year that Andruw Jones finally gets his due and is forever enshrined in the National Baseball Hall of Fame.  Other great players who have had their careers influenced or cut short by injuries have had to wait longer than the five year minimum post retirement to be inducted, and Andruw Jones is no different.  He will get in one day.

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