Jon Elmore: The NBA Draft’s Best Kept Secret

by Intern Matthew Weitz

FILE – Marshall University’s Jon Elmore – The 2019 NBA Draft’s BEST KEPT SECRET? (Photo: Twitter)

This year’s NBA draft is loaded with talent.  Players such as Zion Williamson and Ja Morant are headlining national coverage, while other players are not far behind.  However, one player with the potential to be the next Steph Curry is operating under the radar.  This player is four-year Marshall Thundering Herd Guard, Jon Elmore.

During his time in Huntington, West Virginia, Elmore led the Herd to their first NCAA Tournament game win.  In Kansas, he absolutely lit up Wichita State from the three point range.  However, Elmore has shown the ability to score from beyond the arc against anyone.  In Conference USA competition, opposing players would triple-team Elmore but even this did not stop him from burying three point baskets.

However, Elmore has one major flaw and one minor flaw.  He has historically struggled from the free throw line, though his stats from the line improved dramatically in his senior season.  His minor flaw, which will not affect his value in the NBA, is that Elmore does not dunk.  Steph Curry doesn’t dunk either, but he is one of the greatest stars that the game has ever seen.

Despite these talents, most NBA teams have overlooked Elmore.  It is important to remember that Steph Curry would have been an under-the-radar player at Davidson.  Curry led them on a Cinderella run in the NCAA Tournament.  This propelled Curry to a first round pick when he was drafted.

The Atlanta Hawks need to take notice of Elmore if they want to speed up the process of rebuilding.  The Hawks have two first round picks in this year’s NBA Draft.  Though they should pass on Elmore in the first round, if their team comes on the clock in the second round and Elmore is still an option, the Hawks need to make their move.

Houston Rockets coach Mike D’Antoni is the younger brother of Marshall basketball coach Dan D’Antoni, and will likely hear lots of praise for Elmore from his older brother.  If the Hawks want the dream draft class, they need to pick Elmore before the Rockets do.


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