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#1: George Herman "Babe" Ruth

The name synonymous with the game of baseball is Babe Ruth!  Among the giants of the game, Ruth stands alone at the top, recognized as the single greatest player the game has ever seen. Why the near-universal acceptance of Ruth as the Greatest of All Time?  Just look at where The Babe currently stands in 10 Key Statistics:

3rd on home run list – 714
10th in batting average – .342
2nd on RBI list – 2,213
1st on all-time slugging % – .690
2nd on all-time on-base % – .474
1st on all-time OPS – 1.164
4th on all-time runs list – 2,174
6th on all-time total bases list – 5,793
3rd on all-time walks list – 2,062

Even more amazing, when Ruth came into the majors, he was a pitcher who amassed a record of P 94-46 with an ERA of 2.28! This was not good enough for Ruth though!  He wanted to be an every day player, so he requested and got a move to the outfield where he played the majority of his remaining career.

There’s just too much information on this player’s greatness, so do yourself a favor and find out more about the Game’s Greatest Player on his WEB SITE,!


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