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#4: Willie Mays

When it comes to physical gifts required to play the game of baseball, Willie Mays was one who was lavished with many!  Considered to be the greatest all-round baseball player who ever lived, Mays’ career stats place him among the elite of the elite in MLB history!  It started his first season with his being named Rookie of the Year in 1951, and over 24 seasons, Mays compiled 24 All-Star Awards, 2 NL MVPs, 12 Gold Gloves, one NL Batting Crown (1954), and a 4X Home Run Leader, and the stolen base leader 4X (1956–1959).

At the plate, when Mays wasn’t going yard, he was using his incredible speed to get on base and steal as many as possible.  In his career, Mays had 10,881 at bats with 3,283 Hits, 1,903 RBI, 660 Home Runs (Currently 5th all time), and a lifetime batting average of .302.  Once on base, Mays was a threat to steal and successfully did so 338 times!


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