#68 - Cy Young

Dimino placing the legendary Denton True \”Cy\” Young at #68 in the Top 100 seems like sacrilege.  After all, Young STILL holds the major league records for most career innings pitched (7,356), most career games started (815), and most complete games (749), but he also retired with 316 losses, the most in MLB history. In addition, Cy Young\’s 76 career shutouts are fourth all-time, he won at least 30 games in a season five times, with ten other seasons of 20 or more wins, he pitched three no-hitters, including the third perfect game in baseball history, first in baseball\’s \”modern era\”.  Shouldn\’t that put Young in the top 20?  Other sports analysts think so, but ultimately the era that Young played (1890-1911) in may be the reason for his \”low\” ranking on this list since Dimino has \”no barometer\” for him. Young played in the \”old time\” era of baseball where players were only part time and also held full-time jobs.  In a nutshell, Dimino\’s thinking Young may have faced a bunch of tomato cans that \”padded his stats.\”

In a different time, Cy Young might rank higher, but in this one, he\’s #68!


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