Super Bowl 52 has some intriguing match-ups that will help decide the Patriots-Eagles Showdown! Belichick and Brady have obviously been tough to beat and I do believe they are set to bring another championship to Boston.

The only two times we’ve seen Tom Brady go down in the Super Bowl is when the Giants D-Line did some major damage. That’s what the Eagles D-Line has to do. Hit Brady. Sack Brady. Do it early and often. Disrupt his rhythm and make him uncomfortable. Anything short of that will not be good enough.

If Brady gets decent protection, he’s going to carve the Eagles up like a talented surgeon. Tom is really 4-1 against Jim Schwartz defenses. Schwartz believes in a 4-man rush, where he can cover with seven. The problem: even when his 4-man rush doesn’t get QB pressure, he’s reluctant to bring extra pass rushers. He’s got a rep for not deviating from that…

Look for big Gronk to play and get the ball thrown his way! Eagles safety Malcolm Jenkins is an outstanding player, in fact he’s a baller too! Expect to see these two studs matched up some. This is one of the games top match-ups.

Another critical is inside, where former Bulldog David Andrews and former Jacket Shaq Mason will be trying to neutralize Eagles monster Fletcher Cox. If the two local guys can control Cox that would be huge for the Patriots!

Outside, Brady has access to Cooks, Hogan and Amendola, who will be working short-to-intermediate against the Eagles CB’s Ronald Darby & Jalen Mills. That’s a match-up that appears to favor the Patriots. Brady sees the entire field, gets rid of the ball quickly and is so deadly accurate. It’s tough to stop.

When the Eagles have the ball, I’m anxious to see how Coach Belichick plays the R-P-O’s! Foles will mesh with the RB, looking downfield at an opportunity of throwing it, typically on an inside breaking route. Nick Foles has been lights-out against both the Falcons and the Vikings defense running this concept. The Eagles R-P-O (Run-Pass-Option) has created much-needed confidence for Foles. And yes, I’m expecting Belichick’s Patriots defense to defend this play much better than Atlanta and Minnesota.

The Patriots defense is so good at forcing an offense to execute long-drives to score. Can Foles do that? Go on 12-14 play drives to score TD’s? Remember, the Patriots do a great job in Red-Zone defense! Eagles better be getting 7’s, instead of 3’s.

I’m expecting to see the Patriots win, 24-16.

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