There are enough voices in this market that will pander to you as the Falcons prepare to take on the Rams. They will push every sunshine and lollipops scenario to make you resist embracing the facts. I still haven’t made my pick, but won’t ignore the facts.

Atlanta Falcons head coach Dan Quinn. (AP Photo/John Bazemore)
Los Angeles Rams head coach Sean McVay, left. (AP Photo/Mark J. Terrill)

First, the 2017 Falcons season doesn’t even begin until Saturday night. I know that the 10-6 record is already in the books. The third place finish is set in stone. The clear step back from last season is apparent and no excuses should be accepted. You went from a division champion to a 3rd place finisher without major injury issues. You went from a first round bye to a 3 road win scenario just to get back to the Super Bowl. It was a collection of missed opportunities and dodged bullets. Now, the fun begins.

The Falcons are clearly better on defense as the 8th team in scoring defense. A huge improvement of last years 28th ranking should be applauded. The offense drops from 1st overall to 15th. What was a great strength is now a mediocre performer with as much star talent as any NFC team in the NFL. Those swings are a big part of the inconsistency.

The Rams are not a fluke, they aren’t a patsy. The Falcons are not the better team on the field. The Rams have been far better coached and suffer fewer self inflicted wounds. The Rams are the team most likely to score a TD on a possession in the playoffs. The Falcons are the most likely to self destruct and suffer for a maddening field goal. These are all factors you need to consider.

The Falcons are the team with all the playoff experience, right? Yep, just like the Falcons last year the Rams have very little. That didn’t stop Atlanta from trouncing the Seahawks and Packers who re the most playoff experienced rosters in the NFC.

Understand this! Many are going to try to spin every statistic that gives you hope. Not that there isn’t reason for hope, but the 2017 Falcons do not deserve the benefit of the doubt. They are not likely to be able to play a complete game now when it matters most and the opposition is the best. Not to mention that the thought of them winning three in a row on the road to get to Minneapolis is nothing more than wishful thinking.

Yes, it COULD happen. No, it’s not likely or logical.


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