Hawks Fans…Embrace The Suck!

Millsap is gone and so is every other good player from 3 years ago! Time to suck for a while and get in the lottery and hope for the best!! Dump Dwight or even better keep him here and suck!! Apathy has set in. Who is this teams GM? It’s official—the Atlanta Hawks have hired Travis Schlenk as their new general manager.

Atlanta Hawks head coach Mike Budenholzer…Learning to “embrace the suck”? (AP Photo/John Bazemore)

Hawks principal owner Tony Ressler announced the hiring of the Golden State Warriors assistant GM this week. Maybe just another reason to suck!! New GM with a world of issues and an Eastern Conference Division dominated by LeBron James and the Cavs, rebuild now while James is still strong and in 3-5 years hope and pray the Hawks make the right moves in the draft and free Agency. And God willing they can sneak into a lottery or 2 and find thier Super Star. It will be a little tough to find a way to spend 90% of the $100 million cap but let’s figure it out! Schroder has around $16 million salary, Dwight over $23 million and Bazemore $16 million as well, we can suck with those guys! I feel bad for Denis Schroder because he is a really good point guard and I don’t think he will handle losing well. We will see, or we won’t , but I think this team needs to be bad to be good!

Let’s do what DQ, TD and Matt Ryan are doing, but the opposite…Embrace The Suck!!

Brian Finneran
Co-Host “The Front Row”
680 The Fan
Twitter: @BFinn86

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