Why is it when I make a dinner reservation, that I’m supposed to call and confirm? Bugs me.

I just finished a great book…. Mary and lou and Rhoda and Ted.  Obvi, the behind the scenes stories of the MARY TYLER MOORE show.  Loved it

I am quite surprised that even this week, which is 5 weeks after the super bowl, a great deal of people don’t want to talk about the Falcons loss.

The show THIS IS US is just like a great book you can’t put down, you can’t wait to turn the page … asking what is next?

Atlanta Braves shortstop Dansby Swanson (2).(AP Photo/Alan Diaz)

Saw an awesome picture today of Chipper Jones along side Dansby Swanson.  Two faces of the Braves Franchise.  I was reflecting on 21 years of spring training in Orlando.  I still enjoy it.

I have too many sweaters.  Each year I give away so many .  They must be multiplying.

I sure hope Georgia Tech Basketball keeps trending up.  Josh Pastner has something special going on for the Jackets.  I’m a fan.

Nascar may be trending down in terms of viewership, but I believe that race last week at Daytona.. the final 6 laps especially was really sweet!

Whomever came up with this ‘TREAT YOUR FEET’ idea, it’s a one hour foot, leg, massage…. I applaud you.  Going with the boyfriend tonight!   It’s a great present, too..

Sun is out….lots to be grateful for.  xo

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