He may be great at shooting threes. He is even fantastic at peddling basketball shoes and sports drinks. As a spokesperson for “looking out for everybody” he falls quite short. This week was a poor one for Steph in my eyes.

We have had him on the podcast with SHAQ and he is charming and engaging. He usually interviews like he plays with tremendous passion. I’m willing to write this week off as a bad moment for an otherwise top notch individual. I hope it is not the beginning of a new trend.

After the CEO of Under Armour said in an interview on CNBC that he felt the economic policies of Donald Trump would be a real asset to the business community, Steph said he agreed as long as you drop the “e” and the “t”. In 2017, calling the President an ass is somehow now acceptable behavior. It’s depressing. Unprovoked and there was much more.

Golden State Warriors guard Stephen Curry. (AP Photo/David Zalubowski)

Curry went on to say how he was concerned that the Presidents economic policies “were not looking out for everyone”. That statement coming from Steph should include a laugh track. Growing up entitled and without a worldly financial concern, Curry obviously didn’t learn some valuable lessons.

He takes millions annually to speak on behalf of Under Armour. Kevin Plank had the audacity to actually endorse economic policies that have been promised that have caused the Wall Street and business communities to celebrate. The people who actually run corporations have been causing the market to set record after record close since the election. Why? They love the policies Curry thinks “don’t look out for everyone”.

Since he is such an advocate for looking out for everyone I was floored to see his high priced shoes on sale online far out of reach of the average American kid who longs to wear them. His summer basketball camp priced at $2,000 to attend where other NBA stars hold camps for 6 to 7 times less money. Those two decisions, totally controlled by Curry fly in the face of “looking out for everyone”.

In fairness, Curry is a VERY charitable guy. Truth is most NBA stars are with very little fanfare. Those other stars are seemingly finding better ways to bring their talents and products at far more reasonable price structures. They make a point of doing that. If Curry was to discuss the economic policies of the last 2 Presidents he would know that they have NOT worked for everybody. They have left millions miserably in the dust. They have grown the welfare rolls and created larger banks of poverty. It’s time to try something different. I wonder where his social activism was as millions more went on public assistance and lost full time jobs due to failed economic policies.

If Steph Curry wants to criticize others for not looking out for everybody, he could at least wait till we see what the actual plans are. Tax cuts for everybody certainly would be a positive step. Instead we get knee jerk vitriol and name calling from an NBA star. That would never have been acceptable under Obama or Bush and it shouldn’t be now.

If you want to look out for everybody, drop the cost of those shoes and basketball camps, instead of making them the darlings of the super rich. Until then, you are saying one thing and doing another. I love watching him play, I would enjoy seeing him raise his level of civility off of it.

Before you hammer off that canned email, I didn’t vote for or support Trump in his bid to be President. I’m damn well rooting for him to succeed now. I’ll choose to try and walk the walk AND talk the talk…everyday.


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