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Well we certainly heard it all this morning on The Rude Awakening on The Fan 680 & 93.7 from one fan who will never be able to watch football again, to another fan who will never be able to watch sports again, to another fan who might have to move out of the state, to another fan who compared Kyle Shanahan to Judas…for Falcons fans this one is going to sting for a long time!! We had this game! We dominated, out played and out coached the New England Patriots for 2 1/2 quarters (41 minutes and 18 seconds to be exact). Unfortunately, it’s a 4 quarter game and the Falcons defense was gassed. They gave it their all and played above their pay grade. Other questions will linger about play calling, clock management and whether Kyle and Judas have anything in common? We may never know since Kyle is Going to California with an aching in his heart.

Atlanta Falcons head coach Dan Quinn talks during a news conference after the NFL Super Bowl 51 football game against the New England Patriots Sunday, Feb. 5, 2017, in Houston. The Patriots defeated the Falcons 34-28. (AP Photo/Chuck Burton)
Atlanta Falcons head coach Dan Quinn talks during a news conference after the NFL Super Bowl 51.  The Patriots defeated the Falcons 34-28. (AP Photo/Chuck Burton)

Enjoy the following samples of fan feedback form last night’s game.


I was rooting for the Falcons, before the game, due largely to the Pat’s player, who said he wouldn’t be going to The White House.

We were getting ready to leave our friend’s party, right before the 3rd quarter and my Wife and Daughter were talking to the Wife, by the front door.  I went back to the room, where they were watching the game and leaned down to the Husband and said, “They’re going to be talking, until the overtime, so I might as well wait here.”

Needless to say….

All that to say, undoubtedly, the loss makes for much more interesting radio!

I’m going to try to call in, tomorrow, to help the healing, one person at a time by asking Dimino a football trivia question, from the vaults, which you may recognize.

Cue the crickets!

Hey Chris as a life long Bengals fan just please let the people of Atlanta know this kind of stuff happens it just happens more often to some teams than others

Welcome to the club

At least you guys are still surprised when this kind of thing happens


I’m not a falcons fan at all and a true falcons fan cannot tell me this season was great because they choked and it wiped out anything that was good.  The Falcons coaches should be beat like a child molester in prison, especially the arrogant kyle shanahan.  After julio jones made that catch that put them at the 23, they needed to run freeman and kick a fg to ice it but shanahan got cocky and it cost them.

This loss will haunt Atlanta for years to come because everytime they get a lead, they’ll be reminded of this.  I know my LA RAMS stink but even they wouldn’t have blown that lead.

The Brett Shepherd Experience

Ps…the nfl Thursday night opener will be atlanta at new England

It was 28-3, they then got outscored 31-0 in 17 minutes.

Two series changed the game.

The forced the Pats to punt three times in a row, but THREE holding penalties gave them life and they scored to get the ball rolling

Then of course the idiotic pass call with 4 minutes left will live in Atlanta sports lore forever.
Gary Hosmer


Not sure what I watched….. this one will hurt for a long time….

(im still recovering from FSUs miracle loss to FLA in 1997 as they were the best team in the country by far)


  1. I heard Devonta rushed for 74 yards the first 18minutes of the game…and only touched the ball 4 times after that…. (ridiculous)
  2. If after Julios 27(?) yard catch to the 22 yard line the Falcons take 3 knees(!!) and kick the FG to go up 11 they most likely win.

Both point directly at play calling…..


James Gambeski

They got conservative.  Very reminiscent of 1980

Then when they opened it up from the 10 and moved it the N.E. 22, it was second down with 4:00 remaining and the clock running.  Run the ball two times and the clock is down to 2:40 left.  Bryant kicks a 40 yarder – game over.  Shanahan calls a pass and the rest will go down in Atlanta Falcons lore, which of course means it ain’t good.  Not much of their lore is.

The biggest lead overcome in a Super Bowl before today was 10 points.  At least the Falcons are now in the record book (and how 25 points) for something.  And I’m pretty sure that one will stand forever.  28-3 and you lose the f*&^%g game  Only the Falcons could have pulled this one off – no one else.  We are indeed once again Losersville.  37 titles for Boston 1 for Atlanta and we are a bigger metropolitan area. Go figure

Gary Hosmer

Arthur Blank marched down to field at the beginning of the 4th qtr with 19 point lead. He brought the bad Karma down and the team went to sleep thinking it was time to celebrate.

They need a keep your ass off the field rule for Arthur Blank.

Other than that. What a game and have a great day.


Nick I know you’re going to say rise up must go but it must STAY. It is our roll tied, our war eagle, go Dawgs, etc.

My anger level at this loss is 11. My oldest  children (10, 8) were weeping. I threw my lawn furniture off the deck. I don’t think the future is that bright look at Carolina they thought their future was bright I’m just trying to find some bit of Hope in this dark dark world

I’m being dramatic I’m okay. Life goes on … This loss is so Atlanta

Chris Holton


Extremely disappointed!  Here is a sad little poem I wrote last night to express how we all must feel today…

Hey! Hey! man…that’s right I’m an Atlanta sports fan!  I’m used to being disappointed and left with my face in my hands!

Been a fan for decades and only one championship can I claim!

I watched and pull for my Atlanta teams year in and year out but somehow they always seem to rip my heart out!

I don’t need a championship every year just one every now and then would be dear!

I guess I’ll just sit here and pray again for next year!



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