Kincade’s Random Thoughts For Dec. 1st


One of the best parts of doing sports talk radio in Atlanta since 1995 is the funny emails and tweets you get from fans. These are especially funny if you are an “outsider” and not a fan boy for the local team. When you are negative on the local team and deservedly so, you get the you’re an Eagles fan responses. Then when you brag on the team and deservedly so, you get the you’re being a fan boy response. Let me break it down for you. I love being able to evaluate the Falcons with objectivity. I don’t ride the roller coaster. I can evaluate with my head and not my heart. By the way, I love it when they win because they have good people in the organization I like and it usually helps to line my pockets with cash.

Atlanta Falcons fans cheer. (AP Photo/Rainier Ehrhardt)
Atlanta Falcons fans cheer. (AP Photo/Rainier Ehrhardt)

I’m convinced that the 2 seed in the NFC is not out of reach. I’m also convinced you can’t get it without a win on Sunday vs. the Chiefs. The Falcons have to create a home field advantage and it needs to start now. At 7-4 the Falcons are in good shape. Win your remaining home games and they are in GREAT shape! 

Buck and I argue constantly about whether a team wants the easy path to a title or the hard path. You know the answer that the athletes won’t ever admit. They want the easy path. Do you want to have to win 3 games to go to the Super Bowl or 2? Of course you want the bye so can rest and only have to win 2. Do you want to play at home or on the road? Of course you want to play at home.

The Falcons can possibly get to the Super Bowl if they get the 2 seed. If they are the 3 or 4 I don’t see it as a viable dream. I don’t envision the 4 seed Falcons beating the Giants, then going on the road to beat Dallas and then on the road to beat Seattle. Be honest, with this defense you don’t either! Now, if you tell me they get the bye week and have a game vs Seattle at home to win and then a trip to Dallas dream away! 

The defense is younger and more athletic, but they are worse off in every category that matters but sacks from last season. The offense is amazing but Kyle Shanahan may be out the door in January. Win now Falcons, win now.


Matt Ryan (David Goldman-AP)Matt Ryan’s career QB Rating is 92. His best season in his first 8 years was 99. This year he is at an outrageous 114, 22 points above his career average. That is crazy.

You can’t find any QB that has that kind of jump 9 years in. Congrats to Matt, still,a young 31, for being an old dog that can learn new tricks! 


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