Kincade’s Random Thoughts: Aug 29th 2016 Edition


Colin Kaepernick (AP Photo:Ben Margot, File)
Colin Kaepernick (AP Photo:Ben Margot, File)

Maybe Colin wore his BEATS in history class. He really didn’t just insist that the Confederate Flag is the same as the American Flag, did he?

To compare those two flags, those two eras and more importantly the message behind them as the same is pure ignorance.

Don’t stand up for something you don’t believe in. I back your right to do that. Don’t though be so ignorant as to claim that life for Black Americans is not distinctly different. Perfect? Absolutely not. Anything like the Confederacy era? Ignorance. Unfortunately it kills legitimate conversation over legitimate issues.





Kirby Smart - (AP Photo:John Bazemore, File)
Kirby Smart – (AP Photo:John Bazemore, File)

The talk is just about over. The future is now. Kirby Mania hits the Georgia Dome on Saturday. I’ll be honest with you, since I’m not a “Georgia guy” I am rarely bouncing off the walls to see a game. This week is different. In fact, everything about Kirby Smart just feels different.

Monday’s at Noon Kirby takes center stage on Buck and Kincade. I’m expecting a brisker, more informative and energized press briefing. Shame, I grew attached to hearing how tall the punter was and what the kicker weighed. Don’t miss it.




Matt Ryan (AP Photo)

It is the biggest cop-out in professional sports. Tell your fans that the pre-season does not matter. Tell them what they saw with their own two eyes wasn’t really all that bad. After a winter of building up fan expectations, just three exhibition games have shown the product is not that improved.

Matt Ryan will start the final pre-season game. We are told that he did this last year, but that this is no big deal. Question, how many 100M QB’s are playing in the final pre-season game? Better yet, last year the Falcons said Matt just needed extra work because it was a new system. So, why this year?

The Falcons know that the 8-8 season was looked upon as a disaster because of the way they finished. The start this year is more important than ever.



Braves-over-cliffEvery time I think things are getting better, they spiral out of control.

It’s not even worth trying to find silver linings anymore. Get to the off season and show me you are serious about spending and turning this thing around.






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