-Brandon Joseph

Entertain this, imagine that famous bus scene from the movie “Bull Durham”. Crash Davis telling stories about his 21 days in the show. How you never have to carry your bags in the show. Now replace Crash Davis with Tim Tebow telling stories on what it was like during his 16 games as a NFL starter. Imagine Crash Tebow holding court in the back of the bus as they ride through Biloxi on the way to Chattanooga for a critical 3 game set vs. the Lookouts, telling 22 year old kids about how he had a backup at UF named Cam Newton. Better yet the call comes in to the clubhouse Nuke Laloosh Tebow gets the call and he finds out he being called up by the big league club. Tim Tebow is going to live the MLB dream.

Tim Tebow (AP-File-Photo)

Seriously lets approach this under reality: Tim Tebow doesn’t have a single MLB dream. His only dream is to share himself, his message and his values with the world and to quote Jerry Seinfeld “not that there’s anything wrong with that.”

Why else didn’t Tim Tebow take an offer to go to the Canadian Football League or the Arena Football League? More simple why didn’t he move positions if his dream is to play in the NFL? Tim Tebow was never about living that dream of being part of the team. Tim Tebow’s dream is to be the guy, face on the billboard with the platform and anything less than that is unacceptable.

Tim Tebow’s announcement of attempting to live out another dream and become a MLB player is just as much of a dream as Michael Jordan’s dream was to play baseball. A 28, about to be 29 year old rookie has little to no chance to work their way up from A ball to the show. However I strongly believe Tim Tebow’s dream is not to make it to Major League Baseball. The only evidence I need is the history of Tim Tebow. His pursuit of baseball would come with some simple truths, he would never be the guy, barring Trout or Stanton ability. Tim Tebow would start a MLB career in Minor League camp and Tim Tebow would have to fight and struggle for looks and at-bats. Why would any team give those looks to a 29 year old rookie over the 21 year old that they invested a huge signing bonus on? Tim Tebow doesn’t like to be made a mockery of, that is exactly what would happen if he got assigned to a Double- A club. It would be great for the minor league club who would have record attendance, but before you knew it the sideshow effect would kick in and it would be no better than Eddie Gaedel.

Tim Tebow is mastermind, and a nice guy. I have talked with Tebow at the Chick-Fil-A Peach Bowl. He is a guy who you truly wish the best for. However the best case scenario if Tim is serious about this and willing to commit to baseball, which I doubt, is 2020. Not the depressing news show but the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo where baseball makes a return. 4 years from now Tim Tebow will be 33 years old and he could be at a skill level that is on par with what the US could be looking to send to the games. He will be the polarizing star power that the IOC wants with inviting baseball back to the games since MLB will never play ball and suspend a season for the Olympics. Tim Tebow could be the guy who carries the flag in for the Opening Ceremonies, he can be the face of all the features and adverts for the Olympic games, which would help NBC get back the billions they are spending. HOWEVER to do that Tim Tebow would have to spend 3 years riding in the bus leagues, 3 years not being in mainstream media. Tim Tebow would have to do something he has never been able to do since before his time at Nease High School- take a backseat to being Tim Tebow; and we can all agree that isn’t happening.

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