The era of social media changed a job like mine forever. Oh, don’t shed a tear. I love it. If you follow along on Twitter you know I love to engage in civil disagreements. I think the immediate interaction with listeners is the best part of it all. If you have a good segment, show, week…you guys let us know. If we don’t you let us know even more. Let me tell you, all of it is appreciated.

I do know that Twitter and blogs and immediate interaction leads to distractions for all of us. There is a need to reconnect and disconnect when we can find the time. Reconnect intenselyno-social-media with our loved ones and disconnect from the constant need to interact. I’ve been practicing this for about five years now and find it refreshing for the mind and soul.

Beginning Sunday I go on my annual sabbatical from all things social media. Those who know me best understand how I hate talking on the phone. Conversations are usually short and to the point. So, the phone will stay in the nightstand at the condo and be checked periodically for emergencies only. It is awesome not carrying my phone. That means the desire to tweet something pithy goes away. I’m not doing any radio shows or podcasts, so I just let my mind rest. I hang at the pool and the beach and nap, a lot. 

As the week goes along I feel my brain slow down. I sleep a little better. I feel sharper, less distracted. I get to enjoy being a husband and father just a little bit more. 

I suggest you try it for a day, weekend or a week like me.

When you see my tweet from the balcony of our condo I say goodbye, for a full week. I’m sure we will both survive. I look forward to catching up upon my return on Tuesday, June 21st.

Thanks for all you do to keep Buck and Kincade a success. I’ll raise a glass to you all.

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