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Sometimes I get my pre-season predictions spot on and other times I have been atrocious. Please forget the 71 wins I called for the 2016 Braves to achieve for example! The one local team where my accuracy has been dead on has been the Atlanta Falcons. Every June the Vegas odds makers at some of the not so popular casinos, like the ones seen in Vegas Vacation, put out spreads for every regular season game in June. The news is not good for Falcons fans.

The Falcons are favored in just 3 of their 16 games and a push in another. That means they are underdogs in 12 contests. That should put them square in the race for the top pick in next years draft. I could not disagree more with the initial Vegas assessment. Do I see the Falcons as Super Bowl contenders? Absolutely not! Are they going to be horrendous? I don’t see that happening either.

This is a good motivational tool for the Falcons coaching staff. The No Respect Card has been used effectively for generations. I just see the Falcons closer to the middle of the pack than the bottom of the barrel.



atlanta braves mlb baseball round area rugThe 2016 Braves have been nothing short of horrendous. Under Brian Snitker the schedule has been easier and the record just slightly better. It is time for them to take the next step. I’m not talking miracle work here. I want to see this team play .500 ball over a two week period. Then later in the season they can hopefully put together a month of .500 ball.

Those tickets are not going to sell themselves for 2017. Everyone is going to want to get to the new ballpark, but the product has to improve. All that is left to be gained in 2016 is promise for better days ahead. Right now, you are asking a lot of the fan base to be excited for anything more than a new stadium.



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UGA Football Head Coach Kirby Smart (Richard Hamm / AP)

The camp was supposed to be all about Jim Harbaugh. Instead, Kirby Smart knew how to make a grand entrance. While Nick Saban continues to whine about the satellite camps invading the South, Kirby Smart just goes to work. Entering and exiting the camp in his back yard by helicopter? Pure genius! The cool factor was off the charts. Harbaugh can preach his brand of football all he wants, but it is the rare 5 star kid who wants to leave SEC Country for the Big 10.

Kirby is playing this perfectly. High energy, cool and big dreams. Unlike Saban he is not afraid to fight for recruits and sell his message. I’m impressed.



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