Bad night in Durham!

Feb 11, 2013 -- 7:18pm

When to draw the line?


Ran across a sad story of fans going too far .

NC State was playing at Duke last Thursday night. Tyler Lewis is a freshman who plays for the Pack. His grandmother had passed away the preview Friday. Tyler's father's mother....

Tyler was stepping to the line during the 2nd half of the game , when the Cameron Crazies reached an all time low. They began to chant' how's your grandma?".

Here's the link to the story:

I was horrified at this. I have witnessed pathetic behavior in my life, but this is just an all time low.

for the record, had I been in Durham on this night, I would have gone bitch slappin these idiots for being completely out of order, disrespectul, and downright dumb.

There's a line, the Duke fans just crossed it. Just when I think these sports stories can't reach another level...they just do.

I challenge you , if you're ever witnessing something as low brow as this, that you would step in and try to reason with these freakin fans.

I know , I would.


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