Julio's Not There . . . At Least Not Yet

Sep 30, 2012 -- 10:25pm

Julio Jones is taller than Roddy White, faster than Roddy White and stronger than Roddy White. But he's not a better receiver than Roddy White, at least not yet.

In the situation of what most of us assume is "Roddy is passing the torch to Julio" this season, White has upped his game through the first quarter of the season. After four games, Roddy has more catches for more yards and more 1st downs than Julio and has reminded us all of just how well he runs routes and just how good his hands are (a complete reversal from his first two seasons).

Jones is still an immensely talented player who, in time, should become one of the most physically imposing receivers in the NFL and one who is an absolute matchup nightmare for opposing defenses. But right now he's an extremely gifted player who still doesn't run the tighest routes and is prone to dropping passes a bit too often.

At some point Jones' everyday will be better than White's best days. But that point isn't now.

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