Prepping the Perfect Prenup

Hometeam and Hamilton are joined by Family Attorney Jarrod Oxendine to discuss the steps involved with crafting the perfect prenup agreement.

Pitfalls with Prenups!

Cellini & Dimino chat with Jarrod Oxendine about celebrity music producer and entrepreneur Dr. Dre’s prenup agreement, the mistakes he made with it, and how YOU can avoid those same mistakes with your prenup!

Oxendine Law – July 17 2020

Why is it that some couples simply cannot let go even after a divorce occurrs?  Why do they feel the need tom keep fighting and bickering even though the marriage is over? Jarrod Oxendine has some ideas and he’ll share them with you and offer advice for those who find themselves in a split like this!

Oxendine – C&D – When Celeb Divorces Get Ugly

When celebrity divorces turn ugly, alimony payments can be adjusted, assets may be split unequally and visitation rights might be affected. How? Jarrod Oxendine of Oxendine Family Law will explain what factors affect decisions about asst division in a divorce.