Oxendine – C&D – When Celeb Divorces Get Ugly

When celebrity divorces turn ugly, alimony payments can be adjusted, assets may be split unequally and visitation rights might be affected. How? Jarrod Oxendine of Oxendine Family Law will explain what factors affect decisions about asst division in a divorce.

Oxendine – H&H – Prenup or Payments?

Kelly Clarkson looks like she’s going to be paying out a bunch of money in her upcoming divorce, but is she protected by her prenup? Jarrod Oxendine discusses prenups and other family law issues straight from the headlines with Hometeam & Hamilton!

High Profile Divorces

With the end of “The Last Dance,” we find tons of information about Michael Jordan’s career, but little about his divorce with his wife Juanita. Jarrod Oxendine joins Cellini & Dimino to talk about what’s involved with high profile divorces like this and others.


Oxendine Law – Divorce in Pandemic

Nick and Chris are joined by Jarrod with the question of the day: What do you do when you need a divorce in the middle of this pandemic?  Whether or not the relationship is toxic or not, Jarrod has advice to help folks through this difficult procedure.