When dating your former spouse goes sideways

Jarrod Oxendine joins Hometeam & Hamilton to talk about a rather unique situation: When folks divorce, and then start dating again.

Needless to say, this can introduce some situations regarding previous divorce agreements, acquisition of new property and child visitation.

Dating Your Ex-Spouse After Divorce: Ridiculous or Openminded?

Jarrod Oxendine – Mitigating the pain of divorce & what to do with the 401(k)

Divorces don’t always have to be combative, they can be handled with numerous methods that mitigate conflict between the divorcees.

Jarrod Oxendine brings Nick Cellini up to speed with the various methods that family lawyers can employ to make the divorce process easier.

Oxendine Law – Holiday Divorce Challenges and Benefits

Halloween can present some interesting challenges for divorced parents when each parent wants to have Halloween time with the kids. One reason: It’s not an “official holiday,” so there’s a lot more in play when it comes to making time for a parent.

When you move into the holiday season (Thanksgiving and Christmas) it may be more awkward with family members, but with the end of the year, a divorce settlement has a good chance of going through the system quicker!

How else can the holidays affect a divorce?  Listen in and LEARN from Jarrod Oxendine of Oxendine Family Law!

Jarrod Oxendine – Digital media can get you in trouble!

Jarrod Oxendine, of Oxendine Divorce and Family Law, joins Hometeam and Hamilton to discuss digital media and how it is a treasure trove of information in divorce cases.  Whatever you put on Twitter or Facebook can COME BACK TO HAUNT YOU!