Jarrod Oxendine – Coronavirus and Its Effects On Family Law

When half of the world is shut down to deal with the Coronavirus outbreak, what are the effects on Family Law?  Delays are only PART of the story!  Find out how the virus is putting extra pressure on volatile relationships and on the divorce process itself!

Jarrod Oxendine – Split Couples With Kids & Coronavirus

Jarrod examines the problems associated with a two household family dealing with the COVID-19 Pandemic.  In situations where kids are involved, there can be some special situations that dictate some loss of visitation, splitting time to watch the kids, and so on. It’s worth a listen to see what options might work for you if you are divorced with kids.

Oxendine Law – Getting back an expensive gift if divorce occurs

Expensive gifts can be a bit of a problem when a divorce is in play.  Some gifts are returnable, some are NOT returnable and others…well…let Jarrod Oxendine of Oxendine Family Law break down all the ins and outs of gifts as divorce property.

Oxendine Law: Get To Know the Firm & Antonio Brown’s Marital Troubles

Antonio Brown on the sidelines at an NFL football game in Miami Gardens, Florida, on September 15, five days before the New England Patriots released Brown. (AP / Lynne Sladky)

Let’s get to know Jarrod Oxendine and the services he provides at his law firm, which all center around family law.  Divorce?  He’s there for you! Pre-Nup needed? He’s got you! Child -custody problem? NOT for Jarrod! Find out more about how Oxendine Law can help YOU!

In addition, Hometeam Brandon Leak will discuss the current problems in Antonio Brown’s marriage and how the Oxendine Law Firm would address these issues.