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Laurie Kuhn: RN in the ICU at

Up For Grabs – May 25 to 31

Up For Grabs – May 25th to 31st

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Georgia statements following SEC presidents’ action

Georgia statements following SEC presidents’ action

Friday, May 22, 2020

UGA President Jere W. Morehead

“Thanks to the tremendous leadership of our Commissioner, Greg Sankey, the 14 SEC Presidents were able reach a unanimous decision and select June 8 as the appropriate date to begin allowing football players access to athletic facilities under very controlled and monitored conditions. The great work of the SEC Medical Guidance Task Force, which included Ron Courson, provided the Presidents with thoughtful analysis which helped inform our decision.”

Greg McGarity, UGA J. Reid Parker Director of Athletics

“I’m sure everyone is pleased to now have direction from both the NCAA and the SEC on some parameters for bringing student-athletes back to campus in cooperation with the University System of Georgia.  It’s only the first step and there are many details still to be determined on every campus.  We’ll certainly be driven by the medical community and our sports medicine staff led by Ron Courson.  Guidelines and enhanced health and safety measures will be followed to the letter.  Again, this is only the first step with further details and plans coming over the next several days and weeks.”

FILE – In this Aug. 17, 2019, file photo, Georgia coach Kirby Smart looks on during warm ups for an NCAA football preseason scrimmage in Athens, Ga. (Joshua L. Jones/Athens Banner-Herald via AP, File)/Athens Banner-Herald via AP)

Kirby Smart, UGA Head Football Coach

“We’re excited to now know when players can begin returning to campus.  We’ll be coordinating our efforts with the medical staff keeping the primary focus on health and safety of our student-athletes and those working directly with them during this time.  We’ll be working in the coming days on finalizing plans to implement the return of our players. I’m sure they are looking forward to returning and begin working toward what we hope is a regular season in the Fall.”  

 Ron Courson, UGA Sr. Associate Athletic Director/Sports Medicine

Below is the UGA voluntary work-out and transition plan summary from Ron Courson:

 1) The approval of “voluntary work-outs” is the first step back in an orderly progression for the return of sports. 

2) First and foremost, our focus is on health and safety.  We are taking a collaborative approach that involves public health, community health care system, sports medicine, sports performance, sports nutrition, and sport coaches working together to develop a plan and ensure each student-athlete has a individualized plan for return.

3)We will conduct COVID testing and perform medical evaluations on all student-athletes and they must be medically cleared prior to any physical activity.  We will identify any student-athletes and staff who may be more vulnerable due to existing health conditions and ensure that we have an individualized plan of care for their safe return to sport or work based upon medical guidance.

4) Our student-athletes have had an unprecedented lay-off from sports and we have to be smart about how we progress back to activity during this “transition period”.  Our  strength and conditioning return to sport plan will be based off national consensus guidelines developed by a joint task force with representatives from the National Strength and Conditioning Association and the Collegiate Strength and Conditioning Coaches Association.  It involves starting with a reduced volume of work  and modified work-rest ratios with a gradual increase, allowing the student-athletes to acclimate to both the environment with heat and humidity as well as building up exercise tolerance.

 5) We have developed a detailed plan to utilize the strength and conditioning facilities that follows the State of Georgia Executive order for re-opening of exercise facilities, including screening procedures, small groups using social distancing, and enhanced cleaning and disinfection protocols.


SEC! SEC! SEC! It’s Back!

SEC! SEC! SEC! It’s Back!
FILE – In this Aug. 17, 2019, file photo, Georgia coach Kirby Smart looks on during warm ups for an NCAA football preseason scrimmage in Athens, Ga. Georgia coach Kirby Smart says quarterback is the position most affected by spring practice being canceled by the coronavirus pandemic. It’s bad timing for the Bulldogs, who would have used the spring as a time to have Wake Forest transfer Jamie Newman and others compete to replace three-year starter Jake Fromm. (Joshua L. Jones/Athens Banner-Herald via AP, File)/Athens Banner-Herald via AP)

DAN MATHEWS, ATLANTA, GA – The SEC announced the resumption of voluntary workouts, beginning June 8th. These workouts can start and be held under ‘strict supervision of designated university personnel and safety guidelines’ of each school.

The plans for allowing athletes to work out in a safe environment will be determined by each member institution of the conference. The SEC has a task force who is constantly monitoring the situation that surrounds COVID-19. The believe that screening, testing, tracing, social distancing and maintaining clean environments are important to the return of these student-athletes.

The SEC says in their press release, that there will be a 3-stage screening process that starts 72-hours before players arrive on campus, within 72 hours of entering school athletic facilities and on a daily basis upon resumption of athletic activities. The schools will also test symptomatic team members (student-athletes, coaches, support staff and other individuals involved with the athletic programs).

Other steps being taken in this initial return to campus, include isolation for those being ‘under investigation or diagnosed with COVID-19.’ This time is being called a ‘transition period’ for players to get back in shape for the potential start of the 2020 college football season.

The SEC also says that this month of June allows for strength and conditioning staff to only supervise these voluntary workouts. Men’s and women’s basketball programs can also take part in these workouts at their facilities. A current rule in place also allows for eight hour of virtual film review to be allowed for basketball and football through June 30.

The in-person camp and coaches clinics are still suspended until July 31. Good news for all, players can come back to start working out again!



Student-Athletes Given Opportunity to Engage in Strength & Conditioning Activities That Can Be Effectively Monitored and Performed While Social Distancing

FILE – The SEC is allowing voluntary return to camp. (FILE AP Photo/John Bazemore)

BIRMINGHAM, Alabama (May 22, 2020) – Voluntary in-person athletics activities may resume on Southeastern Conference campuses, at the discretion of each university, beginning June 8 under strict supervision of designated university personnel and safety guidelines developed by each institution, the SEC announced Friday.

Due to the impact of COVID-19, the SEC had suspended all athletics activities through May 31.  June 8 will begin a transition period that will allow student-athletes to gradually adapt to full training and sports activity after this recent period of inactivity.  Under plans developed by each university and consistent with state and local health directives, certain activities will be permitted based on the ability to participate in controlled and safe environments, while also maintaining recommended social distancing measures.

The decision to resume athletics activities, which at this time is limited by the NCAA to voluntary activities supervised by strength and conditioning personnel, was made with the guidance of the Conference’s Return to Activity and Medical Guidance Task Force. Created by the SEC’s Presidents and Chancellors in April and comprised of a cross-section of leading public health, infectious disease and sports medicine professionals from across the SEC’s 14 member institutions, the Task Force will remain active to provide continued advice and guidance to the SEC and its members as they prepare for a return to competition.

“The safe and healthy return of our student-athletes, coaches, administrators and our greater university communities have been and will continue to serve as our guiding principle as we navigate this complex and constantly-evolving situation,” said SEC Commissioner Greg Sankey.  “At this time, we are preparing to begin the fall sports season as currently scheduled, and this limited resumption of voluntary athletic activities on June 8 is an important initial step in that process.  Thanks to the blueprint established by our Task Force and the dedicated efforts of our universities and their athletics programs, we will be able to provide our student-athletes with far better health and wellness education, medical and psychological care and supervision than they would otherwise receive on their own while off campus or training at public facilities as states continue to reopen.”

As part of its recommendations, the Task Force prepared a series of best practices for screening, testing, monitoring, tracing, social distancing and maintaining cleaned environments.  These recommendations will serve as a roadmap for each school prior to and upon the return of student-athletes to their campuses.

“While each institution will make its own decisions in creating defined plans to safely return student-athletes to activity, it is essential to employ a collaborative approach that involves input from public health officials, coaches, sports medicine staff, sports performance personnel and student-athletes,” Sankey said.  “Elements of the Task Force recommendations provided key guidance for determining the date of the return to activity.”

In addition to standard infection prevention measures as approved by public health authorities such as facility cleaning and social distancing, recommended enhanced health and safety measures include:

  • Enhanced education of all team members on health and wellness best practices, including but not limited to preventing the spread of COVID-19
  • A 3-stage screening process that involves screening before student-athletes arrive on campus, within 72 hours of entering athletics facilities and on a daily basis upon resumption of athletics activities
  • Testing of symptomatic team members (including all student-athletes, coaches, team support and other appropriate individuals)
  • Immediate isolation of team members who are under investigation or diagnosed with COVID-19 followed by contact tracing, following CDC and local public health guidelines
  • A transition period that allows student-athletes to gradually adapt to full training and sport activity following a period of inactivity

During the month of June, NCAA regulations permit only strength and conditioning personnel to supervise voluntary on-campus athletics activities in the sports of football and men’s & women’s basketball.  A current waiver that permits eight (8) hours of virtual film review has been extended through June 30 for football and basketball. 

 Consistent with NCAA regulations, organized practices and other required physical activities remain prohibited in all sports.  A previously announced suspension of in-person camps and coaches clinics conducted by SEC institutions remains in effect until July 31.

The Front Row – Sekou Smith of Talks All Things Michael Jordan

The Front Row – Sekou Smith of Talks All Things Michael Jordan

The final interview in our “Last Dance Interview Series” is’s Sekou Smith who joined The Front Row for the final interview in this series. Find out from Sekou what it’s like to follow one of the legends of the game throughout his career.

It’s a GO for on-campus voluntary workouts as soon as June 1st!

It’s a GO for on-campus voluntary workouts as soon as June 1st!
FILE – Ole Miss running back Scottie Phillips (22) runs through a drill during NCAA college football practice in Oxford, Miss., Friday, Aug. 3, 2018. Will NCAA Football start on time this year?(Bruce Newman, Oxford Eagle via AP)

680 THE FAN, ATLANTA – Want college football? Today just took a good step towards that happening

Remember when I said that people shouldn’t get discouraged against the season of the south happening? It’s looking more and more likely to this becoming a reality.

Just a short time ago, the NCAA’s Division One Council reportedly voted to allow the current moratorium on athletic activities to expire on May 31. This gives further belief to schools being ready to have their athletes back on campus as soon as June 1.

See the Tweet: HERE

It is believed that players can come back to campus for voluntary workouts. The SEC is set to vote this Friday on whether to allow athletes back on June 1 or 15. On Tuesday night, Ohio State’s‘s website ‘Bucknuts’ reported that Buckeye players can come back to campus on June 8th.

Do not mistake how huge this news is towards a 2020 football season happening. Getting players back on campus will allow for them to get back in shape, under the supervision of their program’s medical and nutritional staff.

The further belief of a season being on the way, is that schools have announced their intention to have students on campus for fall courses. This has been viewed as the way for football to be played in 2020-21.

Remember when ESPN’s Kirk Herbstreit voiced his opinion on the doubt that we would even see football this season? He has come almost a full 180 degrees on Tuesday evenings SportsCenter, when asked about the possibility of fans coming to games.

“My guess would be, if you had fans, are you going to just open it up and allow fans to be fans, which is tailgating, on top of each other, cheering? Are you going to let 25 percent of the stadium be full? Are you going to let 50 percent of the stadium be full?” Herbstreit said via Saturday Down South. “… If it comes to it, I guess we would have games without fans. But man, I know you guys love the sport like I do. I cannot imagine college football without fans in the stadium.”

As the days go by, it looks like the possibility for the college football season continues to grow stronger. Let’s get excited fans! Football looks like it is very much going to happen this season.

Of course, we do remind you that 680 The Fan is the ‘College Football Voice of the South.” Let’s make 2020 a much better year for reasons that we can all get behind.

Last Dance: Rick Telander – Chicago Sports Reporter & First Hand Jordan Observer

Last Dance: Rick Telander – Chicago Sports Reporter & First Hand Jordan Observer

Sports reporters see athletes come and go throughout the years, with some being more memorable than others. Rick Telander, a sports reporter for the Chicago Sun Times, had what could be the best assignment ever: Cover Michael Jordan and the Bulls with Mike in his PRIME!

Hear some great memories from Rick’s years of coverage and find out what it was like to be the guy covering the MJ phenomenon from start to…last dance.