John Schuerholz – The Former Braves’ GM Remembers the ’95 Championship Team

FILE – Former Braves General Manager John Schuerholz acknowledges his selection to the Baseball Hall of Fame last winter. (Photo: Alex Brandon/AP FILE)

For every championship team, there is a front office that makes the decisions that can make or break a team.  When it comes to General Managers, few can match the success of the Braves’ John Schuerholz who put together the roster for that championship.

As fans celebrate the 25th Anniversary of Atlanta’s only major sporting championship, John joins “Cellini & Dimino” to remember the Word Champion ’95 Braves, discuss in-depth the personnel moves made the championship possible, and other deals that ultimately brought the trophy home to Atlanta.

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#1: Babe Ruth – Was There Ever A Doubt “The Great Bambino” Would Occupy This Slot?

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#1: George Herman "Babe" Ruth

The name synonymous with the game of baseball is Babe Ruth!  Among the giants of the game, Ruth stands alone at the top, recognized as the single greatest player the game has ever seen. Why the near-universal acceptance of Ruth as the Greatest of All Time?  Just look at where The Babe currently stands in 10 Key Statistics:

3rd on home run list – 714
10th in batting average – .342
2nd on RBI list – 2,213
1st on all-time slugging % – .690
2nd on all-time on-base % – .474
1st on all-time OPS – 1.164
4th on all-time runs list – 2,174
6th on all-time total bases list – 5,793
3rd on all-time walks list – 2,062

Even more amazing, when Ruth came into the majors, he was a pitcher who amassed a record of P 94-46 with an ERA of 2.28! This was not good enough for Ruth though!  He wanted to be an every day player, so he requested and got a move to the outfield where he played the majority of his remaining career.

There’s just too much information on this player’s greatness, so do yourself a favor and find out more about the Game’s Greatest Player on his WEB SITE,!


#2: Hank Aaron – #2 On Dimino’s List, But #1 All-Time With Braves Fans!

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#2: "Hammerin'" Hank Aaron

Without a doubt, around the Atlanta area, Hank Aaron is regarded as the greatest Brave and ballplayer that ever lived even though he lands at #2 on Dimino’s List (Which proves he’s NO HOMER!).  Though he falls into the “bridesmaid’s spot” on the list, his baseball chops could make him a viable argument for the top position.

First of all, Aaron holds the record for All-Star Selections at 25, and holds the record with Stan Musial and Willie Mays for the number of All Star Games played at 24! But that’s just the beginning…

During his career, Aaron won 3 Gold Gloves, was the NL Batting Champ Twice, the NL Home Run Leader 4X, the NL RBI leader 4X, and his signature achievement came April 8, 1974 in Atlanta in front of a record crowd of a crowd of 53,775 when he hit his 715th home run surpassing the great Babe Ruth.

Aaron holds the MLB records for the most career runs batted in (RBI) (2,297), extra base hits (1,477), and total bases (6,856), is in the top five for career hits (3,771) and runs (2,174) and is is one of only four players to have at least seventeen seasons with 150 or more hits. Aaron is in second place in home runs (755) and at-bats (12,364), and in third place in games played (3,298).

At the time of his retirement, Aaron held most of the game’s key career power hitting records.




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#3: Ted Williams – The Last Baseball Player With A Batting Average North of .400 For A Season!

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#3: Ted Williams

When Ted Williams was in the Pacific Coast League Minor League System, a Boston Red Sox talent scout said of Ted Williams, “He stood out like a brown cow in a field of white cows.

That particular scout KNEW greatness when he saw it!

Ted Williams appears on this survey at #3 for very good reason! During his 19 year career with the Boston Red Sox, “The Thumper” was a 19X All Star, 2x AL MVP, a 2X Triple Crown winner, 6X AL Batting Champ, 4X AL Home Run Leader, an MLB Record for On-Base Percentage of .482 (Still #1 to this day!), a lifetime batting average of .344, 2,654 Hits, 1,839 RBIs, and 521 Home Runs!  Williams topped all of this with his induction into the Baseball Hall of Fame in 1966.



#4: Willie Mays – The “Say Hey Kid” Is Regarded As the Best All-Round Baseball Player In History

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#4: Willie Mays

When it comes to physical gifts required to play the game of baseball, Willie Mays was one who was lavished with many!  Considered to be the greatest all-round baseball player who ever lived, Mays’ career stats place him among the elite of the elite in MLB history!  It started his first season with his being named Rookie of the Year in 1951, and over 24 seasons, Mays compiled 24 All-Star Awards, 2 NL MVPs, 12 Gold Gloves, one NL Batting Crown (1954), and a 4X Home Run Leader, and the stolen base leader 4X (1956–1959).

At the plate, when Mays wasn’t going yard, he was using his incredible speed to get on base and steal as many as possible.  In his career, Mays had 10,881 at bats with 3,283 Hits, 1,903 RBI, 660 Home Runs (Currently 5th all time), and a lifetime batting average of .302.  Once on base, Mays was a threat to steal and successfully did so 338 times!


#5: Lou Gehrig – “The Luckiest Man On the Face of Earth”

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#5: Lou Gehrig

When we move into the top five baseball players of all time, there is no dispute that THESE players are the absolute best of the best among those who have played the game, and at #5 Lou Gehrig was DEFINITELY one of the best!

During his 16 Year Career with the NY Yankees, Gehrig amassed an astounding resume: He was a 7X All Star, 6X World Series Champion, The AL MVP twice, the AL Batting Champ of 1934, a Triple Crown Winner (1934), 5X Leader in RBI for the AL, is only one of 18 to hit 4 home runs in a single game, had a career batting average of .340, hit 493 Home Runs, drove in 1995 Runs, and 2,721 hits.

Sadly, all of Gehrig’s accomplishments on the diamond were eclipsed when Gehrig disclosed that he was suffering from ALS in 1939, Later to be known as “Lou Gehrig’s Disease.”  According to the NY State Department of health,

“ALS is a progressive disease that destroys nerve cells in the brain and spinal cord which control the muscles throughout the body. When these nerve cells (also called motor neurons) die, the brain can no longer send impulses (messages) to the muscle fibers that normally result in muscle movement. The disease most commonly afflicts people between the ages of 40 and 70. As many as 30,000 Americans have the disease at any given time.

The earliest symptoms of the disease depend upon which nerves and muscles are first affected. Any muscle group may be the first to show signs of the disease. For example, the person may experience twitching and weakness of the muscles of the hands or lower legs. If the muscles of the face or throat are affected, the problem at onset would be difficulty with speaking, chewing, swallowing or movements of the tongue and face. If the muscles of the chest are affected the person may have difficulty breathing. In some instances the first symptoms may be involuntary weeping or laughing. In the beginning, muscle groups on only one side of the body may be affected, but as time passes, more and more muscles on both sides are involved and the patient becomes totally paralyzed. Yet, through it all, for the vast majority of people, their minds remain unaffected.

On June 2, 1941, at 10:10 pm, Gehrig died at his home.

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#6: Mickey Mantle – One of the Greatest Switch Hitters Ever

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#6: Mickey Mantle

Within Dimino’s Top 100 are numerous players that are known for hitting home runs, but Mickey Mantle is known for hitting some of the longest “tape measure home runs,” the longest of which is estimated to have flown 643 feet! Mantle wasn’t one dimensional at the plate either, able to switch hit for power and percentage! 

Over his career, Mantle had a lifetime batting average of .298, with 2,415 hits, 536 Home Runs, 1,509 RBI, was a 3X AL MVP, the 1956 AL Batting Champ, won a Gold GLove in 1962, was the AL Leader in Home Runs 4X, the AL Leader in RBI in 1956 and a 20X All Star.