Brandon Hutchison – Executive VP & Gen. Mgr. – Atlanta Motor Speedway

Atlanta Motor Speedway will be hosting the Quick Trip Folds of Honor 500…WITHOUT FANS IN THE STANDS due to the COVID-19 Pandemic. Brandon Hutchison, the Executive VP & Gen. Mgr. of the Atlanta Motor Speedway, talks with Buck & Kincade about the upcoming “fanless race,” what to expect in the future from NASCAR, and how the sport itself will cope as it moves forward to “normalcy.”


Gary Stokan – Former Adidas Rep who ALMOST Got Michael Jordan’s Shoe Deal

Did you know that Michael Jordan’s Iconic Nike “Air Jordan” shoes were ALMOST made by adidas? When Michael Jordan played at UNC and before he went pro, MJ LOVED Adidas shoes and athletic apparel. Gary Stokan, former UNC coach turned rep for Adidas tells the story of how Michael Jordan almost signed with Adidas, the effect of his signing for Nike’s bottom line (It was GREAT!), and the affect of MJ’s endorsement deal as a whole in the basketball shoe industry.

It’s a business of sports that explores the concept of “WHAT IF..?”

Southern Company – Keeping the lights on during the Covid-19 crisis

Southern Company’s Chris Womack comments on their efforts to work for the community during the COVID-19 Crisis. One of the biggest tings Southern Company is working on: Maintaining the power grid with the added pressure of thousands of additional Home Schoolers and with home entertainment being the only “safe” option for activities.

Danielle Bedasse on the Braves’ COVID-19 Relief Initiatives

Danielle Bedasse – Director, Community Affairs & Executive Director, Atlanta Braves Foundation at Atlanta Braves, joins Buck & Kincade to bring them up to speed on two new Atlanta Braves Relief Initiatives: Braves Home Plate Project and Meals for the Brave.

The Home Plate Project is responding to food insecurity needs in the Metro Atlanta Area and across Braves Country, and Meals For The Brave provides hot meals for those working as first responders in hospitals.