GA Governor Brian Kemp – Latest on COVID before football opens at UGA

Why is Georgia doing better than many other states when it comes to combating COVID 19 and what the plans are going forward in the state as the COVID pandemic continues. In addition to what the state is doing, Governor Kemp looks at how they’ve been working with people in the state to reopen venues like Sanford Stadium for GA Bulldog games.

Join Chuck Dowdle for this informative interview with the Governor!

Allison Fillmore – TOUR Championship Executive Director

Alison Fillmore, The TOUR Championship Executive Director and a regular on “The Business of Sports” joins Buck and Kincade to recap the action from the 2020 Tour Championship!  They’ll discuss what it was like to host the event during the COVID Pandemic, how the golfers felt about playing the championship with no crowds, and some of the creative fans who managed to get a peek at the action…from a safe distance!

Zack Johnson – 2020 Payne Stewart Award Recipient

The payne Stewart Award is given every year to the PGA Tour player who best exemplifies Stewart’s beliefs in charity, community service, and helping others. 

This year’s recipient Zack Johnson joins Cellini & Dimino to discuss the award, his admiration of Payne Stewart and why this award is considered the PGA’s highest honor,.


Tom Fanning, CEO Southern Company, on Payne Stewart Award Winner

The 2020 Payne Stweart Award Winner Zach Johnson. Photo: (PGA Tour)

The Payne Stewart Award is considered one of the greatest awards in golf because of its recognition of PGA Tour golfers charitable endeavors off the course.

Tom Fanning, CEO of Southern Company joins Cellini & Dimino in studio to talk about the award, the history of the award, and this year’s winner Zach Johnson.

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