Atlanta Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan (2) speaks with Offensive Coordinator Steve Sarkisian. (AP Photo/John Bazemore)

Sark was a quick hire, but who else was coming in here to run Shannahan’s offense? It was a tough decision but seemed like the right one to try to keep some sense of continuity with the offensive side of the ball!! Matt Ryan has seen more OCs than the Browns have seen QBs in the last 10 years (not really) but let’s think about it.

Malarkey(08-11) Koetter (12-14) Shannahan (15-16) Sark (17) ! Stability early on with Malarkey and a fairly simple offense(I know, I played in it!!) and Koetter ran some of the same stuff Malarkey did in his first year then had a drastic change after, team was bad tho!! Shanny had a rough first year as did Matt, totally new system, new verbiage, new voices and so on. Now we have Sark, running a system other than his own, learning all the nuances of calling plays (that aren’t his) in the NFL!! If we give this a little more time maybe it will work out!! Falcons were 7-5 before that run they went on last year!! Let’s take a deep breath, R-E-L-A-X and see what happens in the next 2-3 games!! If it is still reminiscent of hot garbage then we can all freak out together, I will lead the charge!!

RiseUp Brotherhood! Brothership Compete!

Brian Finneran
Co-Host of “The Front Row”

A Braves Fantasy Come True!!

Braves Fantasy Camp was really fun, special deal for guys that get a chance, have the time and $$$$ to experience something like this!

OK, Grissom, P. Smith, D. Smith, Jay Howell is a beauty, Rocker is a beast and was pretty cool to warm up before our game with him, Javy Lopez is a sweetheart, Klesko was fun and gave us batting lessons, Leo in the bullpen talking shop and teaching us how to pitch was fricking amazing, the staff for the Braves were fantastic. We played 4 games on the field, used visiting team club house, got 2 full uniforms and a bat to take home, met some great campers and had a blast, special deal!

Ok now, performance, started rough, and ended strong. Went 4 for 7 yesterday and with 2Ks in my first 2 ABs…………against the pitching machine!! B R U T A L!!! Made some very nice plays in center field! My injuries, sore right groin, sore right hammy, I think I broke a thumb, or I have a wrist issue? shit hurt so bad!! throwing arm is sore, pulled an oblique or something in the rib cage area! New found respect for these guys, really appreciate how good they are!! Thanks to Greg McMichael and the Braves organization for a memory that will last a life time!!

Brian Finneran
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Hawks Fans…Embrace The Suck!

Millsap is gone and so is every other good player from 3 years ago! Time to suck for a while and get in the lottery and hope for the best!! Dump Dwight or even better keep him here and suck!! Apathy has set in. Who is this teams GM? It’s official—the Atlanta Hawks have hired Travis Schlenk as their new general manager.

Atlanta Hawks head coach Mike Budenholzer…Learning to “embrace the suck”? (AP Photo/John Bazemore)

Hawks principal owner Tony Ressler announced the hiring of the Golden State Warriors assistant GM this week. Maybe just another reason to suck!! New GM with a world of issues and an Eastern Conference Division dominated by LeBron James and the Cavs, rebuild now while James is still strong and in 3-5 years hope and pray the Hawks make the right moves in the draft and free Agency. And God willing they can sneak into a lottery or 2 and find thier Super Star. It will be a little tough to find a way to spend 90% of the $100 million cap but let’s figure it out! Schroder has around $16 million salary, Dwight over $23 million and Bazemore $16 million as well, we can suck with those guys! I feel bad for Denis Schroder because he is a really good point guard and I don’t think he will handle losing well. We will see, or we won’t , but I think this team needs to be bad to be good!

Let’s do what DQ, TD and Matt Ryan are doing, but the opposite…Embrace The Suck!!

Brian Finneran
Co-Host “The Front Row”
680 The Fan
Twitter: @BFinn86

Georgia Tech Has An Uphill Battle! 

GA Tech 150x150Georgia Tech can’t recruit defense, can’t get better in one on one’s or best on best, can’t simulate Clemson, UNC, whoever, with an option QB and personnel.  As hard as it is for opponents to prepare for GaTech, it’s just as hard for GaTech to prepare on defense for 5 wide, spread gun, down the field passing game due to personnel limitations.  Not to mention, we are recruiting guys who’s best offer is a directional Louisiana school or FCS.  Can’t roll into Death Valley or Blacksburg or anywhere with that personnel.

Arguably our best player on defense, PJ Davis. (Stats HERE.)

Decommitted from Temple, other offers include UT-Chattanooga and Coastal Carolina.

Bottom line…GaTech gets beat consistently by teams with better players, can’t match up athletically on defense and get dominated at the line of scrimmage on offense.

Corey Griffin…starting safety…only offer UAB (Stats HERE.)


Falcons will face Brees for at least a few more years!!

Bill Haber (Associated Press)

Looks like Brees is taking a hometown discount! Per ESPN’s Ed Werder noted that while Brees’ extension is for five years, it automatically voids to two in which he’ll be owed $44.25 million in guaranteed money. Maybe he saw that if he took $25 million the Saints couldn’t sign anybody else to protect his ass! It looks like a Perfect deal for each involved. So now if he A, gets hurt badly or B, shows his age, he doesn’t have to be there anymore. The Saints though now are officially on the clock to get another quarterback. And if he can still play after two years then they can sign him again for another year. It looks like a nice situation for both parties and especially for the Saints who have a HOF QB for a few more years. Oh yeah, and they just released last years 3rd round pick Garrett Grayson who apparently wasn’t the heir apparent. So the question is who will be the next QB in New Orleans??



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