Dan Mullen: That might be the most absurd thing I’ve ever heard – BY DAN MATHEWS

Florida head coach Dan Mullen walks off the field after a loss to Georgia in an NCAA college football game, Saturday, Oct. 30, 2021, in Jacksonville, Fla. (AP Photo/Phelan M. Ebenhack)

Nov. 3, 2021
– Every single commitment to Florida’s 2022 recruiting class should decommit from there immediately. On Monday, your soon to be head coach said exactly what he thinks about you. 

Georgia absolutely dominated the Gators on Saturday in Jacksonville, 34-7. It was truly a showing of one team that had far superior talent over a team who is playing uninspired football as well. 

There is a little background here to this story. Mullen has a reputation in the recruiting circles of being someone who let’s just say doesn’t spend as much time on it as he could. This was pretty evident on Monday during his weekly press conference. 

Mullen was asked by a reporter about his approach to recruiting. The coach took his second loss in as many days. 

“We’re in the season now,” Mullen said. “We’ll do recruiting after the season. When it gets to recruiting time, we can talk about recruiting.”

What?! What the hell does that mean? 

You’re telling the rest of the college football world that your players do not matter. Any success you have, is all because of you. Are you kidding me? 

Despite what most people around here think of Florida, it shouldn’t be a tough place to win. You have support, money/facilities and an AMAZING in-state recruiting base. The fact that Florida is not more of a competitive program year in, year out is a crime. 

Like I said, if I’m a recruit today, I am open to other schools for my college career. You should be on the phone or in contact with your prospective players every single day. At the very least, a man who is 4-7 in his last 11 games should not be saying something like this to the media. 

It is for reasons like this, that Georgia fans should be immensely grateful to have Kirby Smart as their head coach. Like any head coach, he’s made his mistakes. But you can never say the man lacks effort for the job he does. 

Mullen is known as a coach who is very prideful in his coaching/development ability. Hence his constant mentions of Dak Prescott’s success in the NFL with the Dallas Cowboys. 

Smart whether he intended to do so or not, pointed to this on Saturday. He was asked about his take on recruiting and said exactly what you’d want your head coach to say. 

“If you don’t recruit, there’s no coach out there who can out-coach recruiting,” Smart said. “I don’t care who you are. The best coach to ever play the game better be a good recruiter because no coaching is going to out-coach players. Anyone will tell you our defense is good because we’ve got good players. 

Spending time on the phone, spending time with people at your house, spending time with people on your campus, I’m not with my family when I’m doing that. My family sacrifices so that I can go and spend time with other people’s families so that we can have good players. That’s 25% evaluation, 50% recruiting, and the other 25% is coaching. If you don’t recruit, guys, you’ve got no chance.”

Notice the key words that Kirby Smart said in that quote… “WE’VE GOT GOOD PLAYERS.” As a recruit, I’m saying yes to that man. 

The saying goes that “pride comes before the fall.” Dan Mullen might be a great coach, but that’s what is going to get him out of a job. 

Someone needs to tell Dan that a large part of this job is about relationships and serving your players. There are plenty of “good” coaches who are no longer in major college football, because they could not grasp that concept. 

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