A Quick Reminder of What Wins Games

Auburn quarterback Bo Nix (10) dodges a tackle by Northwestern defensive end Earnest Brown IV (99) during the first half of the Citrus Bowl NCAA college football game, Friday, Jan. 1, 2021, in Orlando, Fla. (AP Photo/John Raoux)

680 THE FAN, ATLANTA – When it comes to playing college football, especially in the SEC,
I don’t believe in magic shirts. I believe in winning the line of scrimmage and not committing turnovers, ever, and that’s what you should believe in as well!

Auburn’s new head coach comes from a Boise State program that, very successfully, shouted to the college football world, “Look at our blue field and chrome helmets!” This has led to speculation in some corners about what changes Auburn may have when it comes to the team’s uniforms. 

I’ll address this thoroughly, right now: none.

An orange face mask or a blue one, or a white one, or maybe a gray one, that’s about as Oregon as you’ve ever seen on the Plains. Though I don’t remember I’ve ever seen a gray face mask on an Auburn helmet, other than a 2007 one-off commemoration of the 1957 national championship team. 

Beyond that, the closest I’ve seen to Auburn changing its threads was an all-blue helmet-jersey-pants thing someone mocked up online before the opener against, I believe, Clemson in 2012. It was snazzy looking, no arguing it. And there was zero chance that uniform was ever going to be manufactured or worn, at least not at Auburn.

If you’re wanting a special uniform, a one-time uniform, a uniform overhaul, whatever, that’s all fine if you think your unis are ugly or you DO want to honor a previous special team by wearing the uniforms from their season But, at least at Auburn, that’s what you do at home against Vanderbilt in Week 3. If you’re thinking there’s something MORE to be had, that’s where I jump off the bus.

If Auburn runs out of the tunnel September 4 onto a bright orange plastic field, OK, I’ll believe the coach has pull. Otherwise, those uniforms aren’t changing!

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