College football fans will need to alter their vocabulary soon

FILE – Georgia fans from a game in 2017. (AP FILE PHOTO)

680 THE FAN, ATLANTA – Week Zero is about to be Week 1.

And Black Friday starts Thanksgiving night now, not Friday at 4 a.m. And summer clothes go on clearance July 5th.

What is wrong with us? 

  1. We can’t wait for anything, it’s all now now now and
  2. A little ain’t close to enough, I’m thirsty, turn on the fire hose!

“For the 2020 season, these are the games we know about that are currently scheduled for Aug. 29:

• UCLA vs. New Mexico State

• Notre Dame vs. Navy (at Dublin, Ireland)

• UNLV vs. California

• Nevada vs. UC Davis

• Arizona vs. Hawai’i

• New Mexico vs. Idaho State”

By the way, the above cut-and-paste? That’s the language the NCAA itself is using on its website. Meaning, there’s more coming.

What you really should get ready for is two ADs saying, “Last year it started on August 24th . . . the 22nd, that’s only a couple of days earlier. Hmm . . .”

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