MLB Spring Training Shut Down…For Now

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NORTH PORT, FL – Thursday afternoon, following a conference call with all 30 clubs owners, Major League Baseball announced the inevitable – Spring Training and League Operations have been shut down. The news comes as no surprise as the NBA, NHL, MLS and other professional sports organizations have already made the call to suspend play, effective immediately. Spring Training games are postponed effective this afternoon at 4pm ET, while the start of the Regular Season will be delayed by at least two weeks.

“Nothing is more important to us than the health and safety of our players, employees and fans” Rob Manfred announced via press release. “MLB will continue to undertake the precautions and best practices recommended by public health experts” the release added.

At this point, there are way more questions than answers. But right now, what’s clearly most important to professional sports leagues is the safety of not only their players, coaches and personnel, but the millions of fans who pack the stands on a nightly basis. Eventually, things will return to normal. Sports will return, fans will fill the stands and champions will be crowned. But for now, the health and well being of everyone is clearly more important than wins and losses on the field, court and rink.

@KevinMcAlpin has covered the Braves since 2012 for @680TheFan and @BravesRadioNet.

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