This Edition: Aikman Advice, Fromm’s Draft, Home Field Advantage

ATLANTA, Ga – Troy Aikman has some advice for Jerry Jones that Arthur Blank needs to hear
Troy Aikman has been very outspoken of the dysfunction within the Dallas Cowboys organization. In an interview with the NY Post he addressed why the Cowboys are a mess. He points that finger at Jerry Jones, an owner which he clearly feels spends too much time talking publicly about his football coaches and operation…
Aikman has suggested that Jones needs to take a step back from speaking publicly about the team as frequently as he does.
“Am I confident that will happen? Unfortunately, I am not”
“I think in a lot of ways it shines a light on some of the dysfunction, if you will, within the organization and kind of how they got to the point that they’re in now.”
I know Mr. Blank wakes up every day wanting to bring a winner to town. Yes, he’s a class act philanthropist too. Enough of the accolades he deserves, one he doesn’t is “football guy”. He’s an owner. He needs to step back, stop holding post game pressers and let the men he hires do their job. Listen to Troy, he knows there is a reason only 2 owners feel the need out of 32 to constantly be center stage.
FILE – Georgia quarterback Jake Fromm (11) scrambles against Vanderbilt in the first half of an NCAA college football game Saturday, Oct. 7, 2017, in Nashville, Tenn. (AP FIle Photo/Mark Humphrey)

Jake Fromm won’t find a better draft next year

I’ve said it all along in this process. I hope Jake Fromm just listens to his loved ones and their trusted family advisors. His “fans” on Twitter don’t have his best interests at heart. I expressed this on Twitter the other day and the outrage was deep! Here were a few of the best!
“That’s ridiculous! I’m a Georgia fan who also thinks it would be better for him to stay!”
That’s great dude. You’re a computer analyst (on his own profile). You don’t work in the NFL, you don’t talk to anyone connected to the process. You have an opinion but you a;so have an agenda. You know that Georgia WITH Fromm might be the hands down pre-season SEC favorite in 2020. WITHOUT Fromm it is more of a dog fight of indecision.
There are at least 8 franchises looking to add a QB to their stable of talent. Those 8 teams hold a whopping 20 of the first 45 picks in this draft. I don’t see Fromm dropping below that 45th slot.
Next year there won’t be that many teams shopping. It might be prudent to leave now. Notice I don’t tell him what is best. I don’t know either. I just tell him to listen to people without an agenda that just want to see their beloved team win. Huge difference.
Home Field Advantage in the NFL is disappearing
This season there were 250 regular season games played in the NFL with a true home team, so take out the neutral site games.
Home teams were just (130-120) for a 52% win percentage. That number has dropped from closer to 57% just over a decade ago. It’s becoming less important.
Take into consideration that over the last 10 playoff seasons in the wildcard round teams are just (20-20) at home. In the divisional round that jumps to (30-10)
I blame the PSL culture. It killed off the Everyman fan in many cities and causes the secondary market to be a welcome gate to opposing fans like we see here in Atlanta.
Gordon Gecko said “greed is good”. It doesn’t appear to be good for home teams in many NFL cities like ours. Falcons are just (11-13) at MBS.


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