FILE AP – UGA’s George Pickens (PHOTO: John Amis/Associated Press)

ATLANTA, Ga – That was the worst beatdown in the history of the Georgia-Georgia Tech rivalry. Obviously, Coach Collins and his staff have already hit the recruiting trail, after that embarrassing defeat. Lot of work to get done improving the roster, so this blowout thing doesn’t happen again.

The Yellow Jackets punted 13 times and went 3-and-out-punt 11 times. Talk about embarrassing. On the other side of the ball, they allowed 52 points. Ouch.

For the Bulldogs, the big win came at a price. There were some casualties.

Georgia Pickens sat the first half being disciplined, then threw some big right hands at the Jackets Tre Swilling and got ejected from the game. Coach Smart has asked him if it was worth it, because he will miss the 1st half of the SEC Championship game against LSU. That hurts the team, with “Go-To-Guy” Lawrence Cager already out injured.

This one was easy to see coming. Swilling got in Pickens ear, as soon as he hit the field in the 3rd quarter. Still wondering how Swilling did not get tossed? He threw first. Just saying…

It was a rookie mistake by George. Fromm should have warned him about being suckered into something like this. If he did warn him, Jake should have warned him again. Now, his top two targets won’t be on the field, when they kick-off the biggest game of the season on Saturday.

Star running back D’Andre Swift will be less than 100% against LSU, with a shoulder that’s banged up. That’s not good.

Some of the boys at the coffee shop were asking why he was still in the game, with the Bulldogs leading 24-7. It’s a legitimate question, especially if it was bothering him entering the game. The other RB’s could have easily taken up the slack.

And why is Swift carrying the ball in the wrong arm? He’s been doing it all season. Youth league coaches are teaching backs to not do this. The rule is: run left, ball in left arm. Run right, ball in right arm. Why? So, the back can use the free arm to stiff-arm the tackler and protect himself. D’Andre must have a thing about switching arms during the carry. That’s all I can come up with.

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