Cue the Christmas Carols…& the 8 Team Playoff Advocates!

FILE – P.J. Fleck has Minnesota, and college football, looking a lot more interesting. (Stacy Bengs/Associated Press FILE)

by John Kincade
ATLANTA, Ga. – Cue the Christmas Carols and the Thanksgiving Turkey…oh, and the 8 Team Playoff Advocates! It’s a holiday tradition, one based in college football mythology bigger than the elves toy shop at the North Pole! Unlike the elves, it’s quite tiresome.

The 8 team playoff folks demand breathlessly year after year that is what college football needs! Completely ignoring that it is unnecessary. The 8 team playoff happens down the stretch, leaving us with many years like this one where the 4th team named looks quite behind the rest of the contenders.

Play this game with your friend at Thanksgiving dinner that demands an 8 team playoff.
Have them tell you which team outside of the current Top 4, NOT NAMED ALABAMA, would be able to beat Georgia, then LSU, then Clemson or Ohio State in 3 successive weeks? They won’t have an answer, but you will!

The answer is that the 8 team playoff crew believe in participation trophies. They want to just get invited. They know they aren’t truly deserving of playing for a National Championship, but it would feel better to brag and say they got there. Instead of pushing for a determinant of actual excellence, they desire watering it down with mediocrity.
This formula is a simple way to get these zealots to actually articulate their position. They will come up small trying, just like their program if we let in 8 teams.

Yes, we all love college football. I don’t need another week of the CF Playoff when in reality the National Semifinal Games usually stink too! The average CF Playoff Semifinal game since inception has been decided by 21.4 points! Blowouts! Only 2 of the 10 played have been one score outcomes!

We don’t need 8. We barely need 4 as history has proven.

Have a wonderful, restful and joyous Thanksgiving!

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