#10: Rogers Hornsby – The Cream of the Baseball Crop Starts HERE!

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#10: Rogers Hornsby

Nicknamed “The Rajah,” Rogers Hornsby, was a baseball player who COULD do it all! 

At the plate Hornsby was a GIANT of the game!  He is second only to Ty Cobb in lifetime batting average (.358 vs .367), had 2,930 hits, 301 Home Runs, won 2 Triple Crowns, batted .400 or more in a season 3x, his single season (1924)  batting average of .424 has NEVER been matched or surpassed, and is the only player in history to hit 40 home runs in the same year as he batted .400!

This much ability comes with consequences, however.  Hornsby hasd a reputation in the club house as someone who was difficult to get along with and was not well liked by his fellow players. You can’t blame his bad attitude on boozing or drug use though, because Hornsby never smoked, or drank. He DID frequently gamble on horse races during his career, so maybe one too many last-place nags he bet on made him a “grumpy gus.”

His attitude is irrelevant though!  It’s his supreme baseball skills that lands Rogers Hornsby in the Top ten of Dimino’s Top 100!


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