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#15: Sandy Koufax

Sanford “Sandy” Koufax pitched for the Brooklyn/Los Angeled Dodgers for 12 seasons (1955-66) and produced some of the finest examples of ace pitching the game has ever seen.

Looking at his accolades, we see a pitcher whose career included 3 Cy Young Awards, seven All-Star Awards, 2x World Series MVP, 2x MLB Player of the Year, he won 5 ERA Titles, 3 Triple Crowns (Lowest ERA, highest Strikeouts & lowest # of Walks), had 165 wins vs only 87 losses, and 2,396 Strike Outs.

Sadly, Koufax’s career was cut short at 30 when his pitching arm developed arthritis in the elbow.

For his accomplishments, Koufax was elected to the Baseball Hall of Fame in 1972 and was the youngest player ever enshrined at age 36!

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