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#24: Ty Cobb

Dimino is INSANE, Right?  TY Cobb…the GREATEST hitter in the history of the MLB is only ranked #24?

Let’s look at the man’s accomplishments: To this day, Ty Cobb is #1 for lifetime batting average (.366) and  #1 for Batting Titles (12).  He set a total of 90 records over his career, many of which stood for over 50 years. His stats of note also include 4,189 career hits, 3,035 Games Played, 11,429 at bats, 892 stolen bases, he stole home 54 times, and 5 times, he stole 2nd, 3rd AND home!  Add to that a Triple Crown Win (Most HRs, Hits & Best Average) and his Hall of Fame induction, and it totals up to one of the greatest players in thie history of the game.

But Dimino has him at #24 in the Top 100!  Why?

Because of the era he played in.  Like Cy Young, Cobb played in the era of part time ball players and never saw the level of talent present in the Majors today.  For playing ball during an era when people talked about “That New-Fangled Flying Machine those crazy Wright Brothers made,” Cobb gets dropped to this position.

In addition, it has been reported that Ty was something of a bigoted jerk.  While that cannot be confirmed with ABSOLUTE CERTAINTY, it has been reported enough to the point there must be a modicum of truth to it, so add a couple of more demerits for Cobb’s ‘jagoffiness!”


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