#54 – Miguel Cabrera: One of the Greatest Hitters Baseball Has Ever Seen!

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#54 - Miguel Cabrera

Dimino takes time to recognize a ball player who is STILL playing the game and who he believes is a lock for the Hall of Fame when he chooses to retire: Miguel Cabrera.

What puts Cabrera on this list is his reputation as one of the best hitters in baseball history, combining great power, a high batting average, a good walk rate and a low strikeout percentage! Cabrera hit 30 or more home runs during ten separate seasons, drove in over 100 runs in 12 separate seasons (Including 11 consecutive seasons, 2004–14), and to this point in his career, has a .317 batting average.

Currently Cabrera is the first baseman for the Detroit Tigers, and since his debut in 2003 he has been a two-time American League MVP, a 4x AL batting champion, and an 11-time MLB All-Star. In 2012, he claimed the 17th MLB Triple Crown, the first to do so in 45 seasons!


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